Attention Developers - OnFinality RPC limits

Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Moonbase Alpha OnFinality public RPC endpoints are moving to new lower request per second (RPS) limits. Starting at 100 RPS Nov 1st they will continue to decrease to match the other public endpoints RPC limits of 25 RPS over the following week. You can read more information about the rate limits here

These limits will not impact registered accounts on any plan. It is always our recommendation for projects to register with a RPC provider and enroll in a tiered program and not to rely on public endpoints. You can sign up for an API key now at

High quality RPC services are an important part of the Moonbeam ecosystem and the Foundation is committed to continue to support them through the grant process.


Happy to answer all questions here, or developers can reach out to me personally via Telegram (@jamesbayly) or email (