AirLyft | $PINK Allocation Request [APPROVED]

Company Name: AirLyft.One

AirLyft is a platform to build engaged communities and run incentivisation campaigns. AirLyft has more than 60,000 monthly active users and more than 600 projects use AirLyft. With AirLyft we can verify onchain tasks and distribute rewards automatically.

Lead Application: Chandra Singh,

Metrics planning to improve:
We are planning to improve transactions on Moonbeam & Moonriver with this giveaway. It will motivate users to do daily transactions for a month.


We would run a recurring campaign with the following tasks:


  1. Follow Moonbeam on Twitter (once)
  2. Follow AirLyft on Twitter (once)
  3. Join AirLyft’s Discord (once)
  4. Join Moonbeam’s Discord (once)

Daily Tasks:
5. Perform any 1 onchain action on Moonbeam (every day)
6. Perform any 1 onchain action on Moonriver (every day)

The 5th & 6th task will be very simple for the users, every day they just need to perform any one transaction. This transaction can be sending tokens from a wallet to another, making a swap, adding liquidity, or anything else. Whether they have done an onchain action or not will be automatically verified using the moonscan API.

For every task the users perform, they will receive 1XP & 1CFUEL. The users can visit AirLyft daily and verify that they have performed atleast one onchain transaction during that day and get their XP.

At the end, their would be a random raffle amongst all the participants to claim the $PINK allocation. They would only be able to claim the $PINK allocation if they

  1. Are amongst the maximum cFuel scorers
  2. Win the raffle (in case their are more participants than the rewards)
  3. Solve a captcha

The captcha will ensure that there are no bots trying to harvest the giveaway.

Other Marketing Activities For The Campaign

  1. We would write a well researched article on all projects distributing $PINK on Moonbeam
  2. We would share the campaign to our Partnered communities that have a members in Aisa and south east Asia to get new users to the ecosystem.
  3. Dedicated support to every participating members during the time of campaign by Team AirLyft.
  4. Gasless based claim enabling over the Moonbeam and Moonriver Network to seamless experience.
  5. Camapign Banners to be placed on AirLyft landing page to get maximum traction and have constant visibility.
  6. Sharing the campaigns every other day to our communities on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter to gain further visibility.
  7. A newsletter would be rolled out to our subscribers list of 30K+ about the campaign participation.
  8. Verified Blue Check provided to $PINK projects during the time of campaign.

Timeline: 15th Feb to 15th March
No. of Winners: TBD (We would want the maximum number of winners possible, while making sure that the effort to reward ratio is not too high or too low)


Since we landed onto the Moonbeam ecosystem, we’ve been trying to engage and grow our community using several different approaches. With regards to quests, we initially tried with other quests platforms, like Quest N. What we have noticed is that these other platforms brought us quantity, but not quality. A lot of fake accounts or users that only made a few quests and never really engaged with DOTins. With Airlyft, our campaigns not only brought the audience we wanted (new users), but helped us to continue to engage with our existing users.

Also, we noticed that using Airlyft brought some sense of fairness, where the rules to the game were clear. Maybe that’s a good way to describe Airlyft: a platform that brings real users, engage meaningfully with existing community and help projects to set custom/creative rules


hey @airlyft, first of all, thank you for your proposal!

I have a few questions, simply to ensure more transparency:

you mentioned a captcha as a measure, but are there any other anti-sybil measures in place?

how will the process of calculating and distributing rewards be transparent and verifiable? what mechanisms are in place to ensure the integrity of this process?


Hi @turrizt

Thank you for your thoughtful inquiries. We appreciate the time you’ve dedicated to reviewing our proposal. Please find below my responses to your questions.

Concerning your first query about anti-sybil measures, we employ various techniques to enhance campaign transparency and legitimacy.
The initial layer involves familiar captcha procedures. For legitimate participation detection, we implement a multifaceted approach. A Certificate Authority (CA) module is integral, generating certificates through gasless transactions on the blockchain, rendering bot-signed transactions technically unfeasible. Alongside, IP Participation is built and enabled, scrutinizing Router IPs to prevent multiple engagements from the same device and router. Authentication and entities mapping further ensure the legitimacy of user logins, cross-referencing entries during participation. Additionally, on-chain actions serve as a bot check, requiring users to interact with the product and AirLyft contracts for verification, strengthening our authentication processes and fostering genuine product adoption. Though no system can be 100% Sybil proof, we believe AirLyft’s measures are the best Sybil resistant mechanisms in the ecosystem.

Addressing the second part of your query, we’ve streamlined the points system, offering complete customization at AirLyft. Our platform introduces XP (Experience Points) and Fuels, which project creators can tailor during campaign setup. XPs signify a user’s experience with a specific project, contributing to the overall leaderboard, while Fuels are utilized for shortlisting and redeeming rewards in the AirLyft shop. These points, allocated to tasks, are at the project’s discretion, allowing them to decide the amount of experience and fuel to reward upon task completion. The AirLyft algorithm then displays these metrics at the campaign’s conclusion.

When it comes to distribution, AirLyft provides various methodologies, including Manual Shortlisting, Specific Task Completion-based Distribution, FCFS Distribution, Ranked Random Weighted Distribution, and more. Each method plays a distinct role in the AirLyft algorithm, facilitating shortlisting and winner selection. Whether selecting top users based on points or employing other strategies, AirLyft autonomously operates according to the chosen distribution method, eliminating human involvement. The claim module ensures that only shortlisted users, as determined by the algorithm, can claim rewards over the Moonbeam network, maintaining integrity through a single claim per user, regardless of the selected environment, be it gas-based or gasless.


After careful consideration, the review team found that your proposal meets the requirements of a deployed Moonbeam project with active users/transactions and is in good standing and is ready to shake things up in your community. Approved.