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Dapp Listing Request Template

Referendum #99 on Moonbeam and Referendum #13 on Moonriver were voted on and passed to set a process for ERC-20s to be listed in the MBF Dapp.

To request listing on the MBF Dapp, a team member should post a complete request in this sub-category and tag it with Moonbeam or Moonriver. Gathering community engagement and feedback is encouraged during the review period, which should not exceed two weeks. The Moonbeam Foundation has the authority to list, not list, or delist a token at any time, with details provided in the forum thread.

Listing Request Template

Request for a ERC-20 Listing must follow a standardized Listing Request Template

a. Team/Project Overview

  1. Title: [ERC-20 Name] Request to list in MBF Dapp
  2. Contact: Email/TG/Discord handle to communicate with Requestor
  3. Overview: One sentence summarizing your ERC-20 and relevant links to your website, Twitter and social channels.

b. Token Info

  1. Token Name:
  2. Token Symbol :
  3. Decimals:
  4. Total Supply (at time of Request, note if variable):
  5. Number of Holders (at time of Request):
  6. Active Daily Users:
  7. Tokenomics (URL):
  8. Art Assets (URL):
  9. Have you completed full testing of this token on the Moonbase Alpha TestNet?

c. Token Pricing Information (if available)

  1. Listing URL (CMC, Coingecko etc.):
  2. Total Market Cap (at time of Request):

d. Etherscan Token Profile

  1. Token Profile URL Profile should be completed
  2. Verified Contract Token Contract Source Code must be verified
  3. Reference: Add Token Information on Moonscan | Moonbeam Docs

e. Signed Message

Using View, Sign, & Verify Message Signatures | Moonbeam or similar, the Requestor should include the following message as signed bytes:

[Moonbeam ChainID 1284/Moonriver ChainID 1285] I hereby declare that I am the creator of contract address[contractAddress]

This message will serve to show that the actual owner/deployer of the contract is submitting the Listing Request.

f. Key Disclosure

Requestor for a ERC-20 Dapp listing must provide the following as part of the Request:

  1. Is the Contract Code Open-Source (and include GitHub link)? If parts of the code are not open source: please provide information on why not

  2. (For Moonbeam Proposals Only) Does your token have a Moonriver deployment? *If yes, please provide token details and whether your Moonriver deployment has already integrated with other Parachains in Kusama

  3. Is your Contract Code audited? If yes, please provide:

    • The name of Auditors,
    • Dates of audit reports and, if available,
    • Links to audit reports

g. Network Support

  1. For each Parachain Supporting ERC-20 XCM Transfer: This section determines which parachains are listed as transfer destinations in the Dapp.
    • Destination chain:
    • Sufficient Asset Qty (minimum balance allowable:
    • Asset remote id:
    • Status (is parachain currently accepting token):

All projects must make a good-faith effort to keep this up to date so long as they are supported by the Moonbeam Dapp. In particular the Network Support section must be accurate in order for the Dapp to correctly list parachains the token may be sent to.

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