A proposal to register the token xcWUD as an XC-20 on Moonbeam

Proposal: Add WUD

Abstract: This proposal seeks to register the token xcWUD as an XC-20 on Moonbeam.


Token Background:

  • Token Name: GAVUN WUD
  • Symbol: WUD
  • Description: WUD is the whimsical community-driven meme coin bringing the fun and games to Web3.0 enthusiasts. WUD is a meme coin created by fans of the Polkadot ecosystem to honor Gavin Wood.


Register xcWUD on Moonbeam: We propose to register Polkadot Asset Hub WUD token as xcWUD, with the following details:

  • Multilocation: { “parents”: 1, “interior”: {“X3”: [ { “Parachain”: 1000 }, {“PalletInstance”: 50}, { “GeneralIndex”: 31337}]}}
  • Decimals: 10
  • Name: GAVUN WUD
  • Symbol: xcWUD


Community Engagement: WUD acts as a vibrant mascot for the Polkadot ecosystem, engaging users, developers, and enthusiasts.

Interoperability: By adding xcWUD to Moonbeam, we enhance the interoperability within the Polkadot ecosystem.

DEX Options: Providing xcWUD on Moonbeam will offer the community more options for trading and liquidity in decentralized exchanges like StellaSwap and Beamswap.

Key Features

Flappy Wud Game: The first project by the Gavun Wud community, Flappy Wud is a high-speed, power-up-filled game inspired by the classic Flappy Bird. Developed by a community member with the support of the WUD team, the game embodies the community’s spirit of fun and innovation. Players gain more in-game perks the more WUD they own, adding a layer of utility to the token.

Decentralized Control: A month ago, the original developer handed over full control of the token to the community. This decentralized approach allows members to contribute ideas, lead projects, and make collective decisions supported by a growing team of volunteers in the Polkadot ecosystem dedicated to the vision of WUD.

Future Plans

NFTs and Games: Plans to introduce NFTs and develop additional games to enhance community engagement.

Community Unification: Aiming to unify the entire Polkadot community behind WUD, fostering collaboration and collective growth.

Promotion of Polkadot: Spreading awareness about Polkadot and Gavin Wood in a fun, engaging manner to contribute to the overall growth and recognition of the Polkadot network.


WUD thrives on community engagement and collaboration, aiming to honor Polkadot and elevate its prominence through continued innovation. Registering xcWUD as an XC-20 on Moonbeam will benefit the Polkadot community by increasing token utility and accessibility. This proposal aligns with the core values of interoperability and collaboration, bridging more people to the ecosystem.

Please review the proposal and consider voting in favor of adding WUD to the Moonbeam network!

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Thank you for your consideration and support.