We are getting $PINK and here is how to get your share

hey @SvPatrik !
i’m glad you find the plan to be fair and the process transparent; that’s what we’ve been aiming for.

25% is allocated to the Community, and ambassadors are part of it.
there will be more details coming soon!

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Thanks @lyn for the update, and I think given the circumstance (needing to act fast, limited decision making time, initial distribution handled by a team external to Moonbeam), this is the best way forward. I am excited to help on the review team.

And @GodsHunter , well put!


Thank you for your feedback, @Jim_CertHum !
It is good to have you in the Review Team!


as a member of the review team and PINK addicted community member, I agree with these updates. they seem reasonable, and I think it’s fair that everyone gets a roughly equal share. If there’s any PINKDROP left, it makes sense to move it to the community pool. it would be great if someone could share more ideas on how to use these funds to make everything clearer. maybe @_phyn has some thoughts on this?


If there are no more feedback and suggestions, I’d assume that we are good to go with the proposed plan. 3 members of the Review Team agreed with the allocation strategy for the project teams. However, if at certain point they decide to make adjustments to the strategy, I’d ask them to share it with us here.

An with that being said, let’s welcome the PINK BLOSSOM season into our ecosystem :ribbon:


It’s really well thought out. Rewarding the moonbeam community further increases loyalty to both this project PINK and Moonbeam.


@lyn, thanks for sharing the updated plan! Love the clarity in the breakdown, and the community-centric approach is a win. Excited about giving back. I’m fully on board, and I’m genuinely excited to see the applications from the teams. Let’s make the PINK BLOSSOM season one for the books :100::ribbon:


This is amazing! Full send PINK to our community :star_struck:


Would the lenders in on MOONWELL be considered too? I’ve staked literally for years my MOVR and GLMR from parachain auctions but i’m not staking anymore, i’m using Moonwell to lend and borrow, will this be counted?

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If Moonwell submits a proposal and receives PINK tokens, then yes, but you will need to clarify with Moonwell regarding their plans

alright then, will inquire with them, thanks

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Sounds good, thanks !

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Community Allocation Part 1: Welcome new users!

Hey there, Community!

We’re moving ahead with our plan to distribute some $PINK to our awesome community members. And we’ve got some pretty cool news to share.

So, here’s the scoop: we’ve split our community into two groups – the OG members who’ve been with us for ages, and the fresh faces just stepping into the scene. And you know what? Both groups are in for some $PINK goodness!

Airlyft Campaign Launch: January 30, 2024 - February 8, 2024

Mark your calendars from January 30, 2024, at 10 am EST, to February 8, 2024, at 12 am EST, because that’s when we kick off our Airlyft campaign – and it’s all about welcoming our newcomers!

Welcome aboard! We’re excited to have you join our community. The Airlyft campaign is your ticket to dive headfirst into our world while scoring yourself some $PINK points along the way. Whether you’re into staking, voting, or just hanging out, we’ve got tons of fun activities lined up to help you get the hang of things.

Oh, and don’t worry if you’re an old-timer – you’re still totally welcome to join in on the fun!

Here is the link: https://airlyft.one/moonbeam/pink

For Our Awesome OG Members:

To our long-time friends, don’t fret – we haven’t forgotten about you! We’ll fill you in on your $PINK share in the coming days. Your endless support has meant the world to us, and we’re making sure you get the love you deserve.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates as we dive into this exciting adventure together.

Catch ya later!


This initiative from the $PINK team to allocate 1.25% of total supply to Moonbeam in response to the community-driven proposal and referendum 23 is a commendable move.

Looking forward to the community’s engagement in shaping the future of $PINK!


Greetings from AirLyft! :heart_hands:

Congratulations to all the projects who have received the approval already. While we have also applied for an allocation, we would also love to host all your $PINK giveaways on AirLyft.

With that you can use our on-chain action verification to verify if participants have done on-chain tasks along with social media actions as well as our Bot Protection mechanism to ask the users to solve a captcha in the end before claiming the rewards.

Please read our blog about Bot Protection here for more information.

Let’s try and make sure that $PINK ends up in the hands of real users! With great power comes great responsbility :saluting_face:


If I am already staking , do I need to do anything to be eligible for the pink airdrop? or it will just drop to my wallet?


hey there, there’s currently no info about who qualifies as OGs. so, make sure to participate in the Airlyft campaign to potentially earn extra PINK :ribbon:


Hey Moonbeam Community,

We’re thrilled to express our gratitude to all the teams that submitted their proposals for the $PINK allocation. As of February 5, at 03:00 PM UTC, the submission window has officially closed, marking the end of the application period. We received a total of 13 submissions before the deadline.

Initially, we announced a distribution plan for 10 projects on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, after reviewing all submissions and considering the broader benefits for our ecosystem, the Review team decided to expand the number of projects receiving $PINK to 12. This decision was encouraged by our community’s consensus, allowing for an adjustment in the allocation percentages to include more deserving projects without compromising the fairness of the distribution.

These 12 selected projects will now share 50% of the tokens allocated for the Moonbeam ecosystem, with each project receiving approximately 4.1667% of the $PINK distribution. This adjustment ensures a more inclusive and diversified engagement across our community, enhancing the vibrancy and fun within our ecosystem.

We have reached out to the approved teams individually to collect their wallet addresses in preparation for the distribution. The $PINK tokens are set to be distributed once they reach a multisig setup managed by the Treasury Council’s non-foundation members. The exact timing of this distribution is currently unknown, so we encourage everyone to stay vigilant for updates on $PINK’s social media channels.

The approved projects are:

• Evrloot
• Prime Protocol
• StellaSwap
• DOTins
• Lunar Gaming Festival
• Zoombies
• Exiled Racers
• The Great Escape
• Beamswap
• MoonFit
• AirLyft
• Moonwell

This decision was made with the ecosystem’s best interest in mind, aiming to support more projects that contribute positively to our community. We’re excited to see how this distribution fosters growth, engagement, and success for each project and their users.

Stay tuned for more updates about PINK and the exciting developments it brings to our community!

Warm regards,
The Review Team


Congrats to all these beautiful teams!
It feels good to see the entire ecosystem beefing from this airdrop :slight_smile:


GM Moonbeam Community!

As our $PINK allocation process concludes, we’re excited to share some updates! Our commitment has always been to recognize and reward our community, especially those who’ve been with us through thick and thin. Here’s what you need to know:

Snapshot Date:

January 10, 23:59, 2024 - 2nd Year Anniversary of Moonbeam - was the key date! If you voted, staked, held NFTs, delegated, or were a delegate by then, you’re eligible!

Distribution Logic:

The 25% allocation is divided into 3 categories:

1. OG & Active Community Members (20%):

  • Senior Ambassadors
  • Community Delegates
  • Delegates
  • Delegators

2. Stakers (50%)

  • Moonbeam & Moonriver stakers who staked for at least 1 year as of the snapshot date and time.

3. NFT & Airlyft (30%)

  • “I voted!” NFT holders on Moonbeam (x number of NFTs)
  • “I voted!” NFT holders on Moonriver (x number of NFTs)
  • Airlyft participants
    Tier 1: 13-19 points
    Tier 2: 7-12 points
    Tier 3: 1-6 points

This tiered approach recognizes and rewards loyalty and support based on your contributions over time.

Token Distribution Process:

Our non-Foundation Treasury members will manage the distribution. Since there are over 19K addresses who are eligible, tokens will be distributed during 2-3 hours. Community allocation will be distributed first in batches. 12 projects allocations will be sent next in separate transactions.

We do not know the date and time of PINK distribution.
We’re finalizing a detailed process and to ensure smooth token management, consider having some GLMR ready for transactions.

Feel free to reach out and leave comments below!