TFA DAO: Ecosystem Grant Proposal

Hi Turritz! I truly appreciate your support dedication and consistency for Moonbeam, you are an inspiration for me just to let you know. however Regarding your statement, yes, we have previously attempted to join the accelerator program, but unfortunately, we were unsuccessful.
As first-time grant applicants, we acknowledge that there may be some gaps in our experience. Initially, we considered applying for the full 2 million GLMR, but we were cautious about the potential strain this could place on the grant fund, especially considering the needs of other projects.

The funds we’re requesting are primarily earmarked for community giveaways and events, aspects of our project that are not easily adjustable. However, we’re open to reducing our own compensation contributions. Personally, I’m prepared to continue contributing to this project without compensation, as I have been doing.

When it comes to elevating our project to a professional level, we must consider a larger budget and a sufficient buffer. This is because we’ll be collaborating with professionals who have their own commitments and targets to meet.

The increase in our request from the first to the second application stems from our initial intention to handle most tasks ourselves, including engaging our close VC. However, we’ve realized that to maintain our focus on the community, we need to avoid such ties. The revised request of 1 million GLMR strikes a balance that allows us to work independently.

Having fewer funds could potentially compromise our peace of mind and the success of the project. Additionally, the fluctuating price of GLMR and the fact that it will be unlocked over time are factors we’ve considered. We believe that if the community sees value in our project and we continue to deliver with the passion we’ve demonstrated over the last two years, we could return more than this amount in various ways.

Since the inception of TFA, we’ve made considerable personal investments, which we hope underscores our commitment and integrity. We’re grateful for your understanding and support, and we look forward to making a positive impact on our community.

Thank you once again.


I live in Geneva most of the time because of my job, its cheap if we compare it that way, carrying out a global logistic operation involves balancing and fine-tuning a stable shipping line, liaising with vendors and their critical path, blanks availability, quality control, end mile logistics and blunders and what not. I think anyone with experience with merchandising and global operating business will resonate with the “middle value” provided above.

Please take into factor that incentivising users across APAC demography and funnelling them is an expensive (and rewarding) job and works on inverse parity where logistics cost more than the price of gifts/paraphernalia itself (6$ for a merch for your reference but 14$ to ship from EU where its printed) now i am not saying that 1m glmr is to be given to develop a merchandising business alone, but they can certainly use it to grow their printing network in Asia thereby reducing cost. what’s wrong with having a “real and tangible business” being built? is the grant only for software?

also TFA guys are “official vendors” for many projects on Moonbeam as a turnkey service provider and they have built it alone. the revenue generated is again sustainably use to carry out giveaways.

my opinion is there is nothing wrong with securing grants to have “Physical businesses” under their portfolio.

that is just one part,

I think getting more “retail and hodlers” should be a collective goal. Real and tangible businesses can play a good part in it.


I have some important questions that the community is likely to have. Thank You in advance for your answers and your time!

  1. What specific KPIs have you set to measure the success of your initiatives, including community events, game adoption, and user engagement? how will you track and evaluate these metrics over time?

  2. Can you share some details about the strategies you plan to implement to attract new users to the Moonpets?

  3. Could you provide a detailed plan of the events and giveaways you have in mind to engage the community and promote Moonbeam? specifically, what types of events and giveaways are planned?

  4. How will the winners of the incentives be determined for the events and giveaways? Is there a transparent and fair mechanism in place to prevent concentration of incentives or favoritism towards certain community members?

  5. In order to maintain the integrity of the events and giveaways, what measures do you have in place to prevent sybil attacks by individuals creating multiple accounts?

  6. Could you provide more information about the security audits that will be conducted? which aspects of the platform will be audited, and what measures will be taken to ensure the integrity of the game and player assets?

  7. If the grant amount you receive turns out to be less than 1M, how would this impact your plans and strategy going forward?

  8. Could you please provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in the development of the game, including the estimated number of hours required for development?

  9. Can you elaborate more about this :point_down:?


Well the original proposal was with the half of that amount, so i suggest stick to those early figures as it seems like an unnecessary increase of the amount requested

As I have already mentioned, the best thing would be for the team to continue with an application through the Grants Committee, so you can get the funds for the creation of the game, with well-defined milestones (which are missing in the original proposal),

No offense, but what is the refusal to go for that option?

For me seems like the most viable for your project, and after of prove yourself can seen tif really need to go with other ecosystem grant

and again I repeat, it is nothing against the community, what is evaluated here is the proposal presented


TFA wasn’t built on money grabbing schemes. The Dao was created by community members for the community. Since Day 1 TFA has supported many projects that right now are in the spotlight and never was it done for a fee. Yes some incentives were mention and some were never rewarded but we never changed our motive to bring adoption to the Moonbeam Network and provide support to those that we thought were worthy of it. People keep seeing one side of the proposal but no one sees the full picture. The proposal is to keep doing our current giveaways going and do some fun events to keep momentum going for everyone in these grey days. And the game part is so we are able to refine any details or/and to have a better gameplay. We aren’t asking for this money to fund our “Pixel Nft Project” that we gave away half our Moonpets to those early supporters of the Moonbeam Network and the TFAlpha community. Which to add we have one of the best real communities not just bots or multiple accounts for one person. Plenty of people can advocate for us that when the TFA community gets involve the waves will be felt. You can ask EXR, Moonfit, GlmrApes/GlmrJungle just a couple of our associates that we have from a long list. Plus our store brings some ease to projects that want to have clothing or accessories with their logo or/and project name and personal name on it. Something that other ecosystems don’t even have. But we have plans to reach out to many different project in different environments to have this opportunity cuz it’s all crypto and at the end of the day we are
Looking for crypto adoption not just your projects success. Together we can make it, separate will fail. If y’all have any questions or concerns all you have to do is ask and we can provide an answer even if the answer is some that you might not like but would be honest and truthful. Our teams is built on many players that’s have great reputations that they don’t want to get tarnish over childish stuff. And the opinion of one person doesn’t speak for the whole project even if his opinion doesn’t agree with yours. Everyone has opinions just like everyone’s behavior is challenging.

Thank you for your time


As a member of the TFA DAO team, I am reaching out to express our deep appreciation for the ongoing discussions we have had in here. We are thrilled to be part of such an engaged and dynamic ecosystem.

At TFA DAO, our passion for Moonbeam runs deep. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to promoting the adoption and growth of Moonbeam. Our community has been at the forefront of our efforts, engaging with us and sharing their enthusiasm for Moonbeam.

Throughout our journey, we have achieved significant milestones that showcase our commitment to Moonbeam’s success. We successfully launched the MoonPets NFT collection, an extraordinary achievement as all 5,000 unique NFTs were sold out in a mere 9 minutes. This accomplishment not only demonstrates the demand for Moonbeam-based projects, but also highlights our ability to create captivating and sought-after experiences within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, we have actively supported and collaborated with various projects aiming to launch on Moonbeam, nurturing a growing list of partners and strengthening the overall ecosystem. We take great pride in fostering relationships that contribute to the success of Moonbeam and its community.

Now, we humbly request your support in the form of a grant. With a grant amount of 1 million GLMR Tokens, we aim to sustain and expand our efforts to promote Moonbeam. Our plans include maintaining an active presence on social media platforms, organizing engaging events, setting up an incentivized course for newcomers about the Moonbeam ecosystem and giveaways, and leveraging our licensed TFA Crypto Shop to raise awareness and drive adoption.

In addition to our promotional activities, we have, as you have already read, a visionary project in mind—a fully on-chain game on the Moonbeam network. This game will provide an immersive and seamless gaming experience, showcasing the true potential of Moonbeam as a leading Layer 1 EVM blockchain. We believe this project will not only attract new users, but also demonstrate the versatility and innovation within the Moonbeam ecosystem.

Lastly, I want to assure you that we value your time and input. As we engage in discussions with the community and address their questions, we remain committed to promptly answering any questions you may have and providing any additional information necessary to support our grant proposal.

We are truly excited about the potential impact our collective efforts can have on Moonbeam’s growth and development. We believe that by supporting our grant proposal, you will not only be investing in our project, but also contributing to the growth and success of the Moonbeam ecosystem as a whole.

Thank you for considering our grant proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and make a lasting impact on Moonbeam.

Warm regards,


TFA always delivering, the first community that I’ve joined and I’m following ever since. Active during any time, MoonPets nft project. One of the first nft projects on Moonbeam and my first mint on moonbeam. Got my fair share and won’t get rid of them any time soon. The team behind this all makes sure everybody can feel involved and welcome, are innovating daily and just a good example of how a community can accomplice great things together!


I love the idea of funding folks focused on growth from a social perspective and less from a DeFi one. That being said, have you guys ever built a game? Also, isn’t there already a Moonpets?


2 years ago, I did my first steps in crypto and became a member of the TFA group. In these 2 years the TFA group and all of his members learned me a lot about crypto with their common experiences. I can honestly say these guys never disappointed me: I have seen a lot of good initiatives, contests, NFT projects where I minted my first NFT’s, introduction to other projects,…. This is a group that always keeps its promises. They have my 200% support.

  1. KPIs and Metrics:

We have set several KPIs to measure the success of our initiatives. These include the number of active users, the rate of new user acquisition, user retention rate, and the level of engagement in community events. We will use analytics tools to track these metrics over time and adjust our strategies based on the data we collect, verifiable on chain with internal and external tools existing on Moonbeam.

Specifically, we have identified the following KPIs to measure the success of our initiatives:

Community Events:

  • Number of attendees/participants in each community event
  • Level of engagement during events, measured by active participation, interactions, and feedback
  • Growth in the number of community members following events
  • Social media reach and engagement during and after events

To track and evaluate these metrics over time, we will utilize a combination of analytics tools and platforms to monitor event attendance, track community engagement, and analyze social media metrics. We will maintain detailed records of participation, feedback, and any actionable insights gained from each event. These records will help us assess the impact of our community events and identify areas for improvement.

Game Adoption:

  • Number sessions
  • Active user base and retention rates
  • In-game transactions generated
  • Player feedback and ratings on relevant platforms
  • Partnerships and collaborations with other game developers or platforms

To measure and evaluate game adoption, we will employ various analytical tools and platforms, monitoring active user metrics, analyzing in-game transactions, and closely monitoring player feedback and ratings. Additionally, forming partnerships and collaborations with other game developers or platforms will also serve as an indicator of successful game adoption.

User Engagement:

  • Time spent in the game per user
  • Frequency of user activity, such as daily interactions
  • Social and community interactions within the game
  • Player progression and achievements
  • User feedback and satisfaction surveys

To track and evaluate user engagement, we will utilize in-game analytics and external platforms, player behavior tracking, and feedback collection mechanisms. These insights will provide us with valuable information on user behavior, preferences, and satisfaction levels. We will actively listen to our community, gather feedback, and iterate on the game experience to continuously enhance user engagement.

By consistently monitoring and analyzing these metrics, we will have a comprehensive understanding of our initiatives’ effectiveness and make data-driven decisions to improve our community events, drive game adoption, and foster meaningful user engagement.

  1. User Attraction Strategies:

Our strategies to attract new users to MoonPets are focused on targeted marketing campaigns, collaborations with influencers, and the development of engaging gameplay features. Here is a breakdown of our key strategies:

Marketing and Outreach Campaigns:

  • Utilizing social media platforms to generate excitement and attract new users by sharing regular updates, sneak peeks, and interactive content.
  • Collaborating with influencers and content creators in the gaming and blockchain space to showcase the game and create engaging content.
  • Leveraging partnerships within the Moonbeam ecosystem to cross-promote the game and tap into their user base.

Airdrops and Incentive Programs:

  • Conducting airdrops of MoonPets NFTs and tokens to incentivize new users to join the game.
  • Implementing referral programs to reward existing players for inviting new users, creating a viral loop.

Community Engagement and Events:

  • Organizing community events, competitions, and tournaments within the game to foster engagement and attract new players.
  • Participating in gaming online conferences to showcase MoonPets and connect with potential users and partners.

Enhanced User Experience:

  • Prioritizing a user-friendly interface, intuitive gameplay mechanics, and visually appealing graphics to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience.
  • Implementing gamification elements and rewards to incentivize user engagement and social interactions.

Ongoing Development and Updates:

  • Regularly releasing updates, new features, and expansions to keep the game fresh and maintain user interest.
  • Actively listening to user feedback and incorporating valuable suggestions for continuous improvement.

Regarding our marketing strategies, we have parallel interests with other projects we are assisting and prefer to keep our specific plans confidential. However, we will focus on segmentation, targeting, and positioning to identify the most receptive audience and position MoonPets as an engaging and innovative blockchain game. We will also leverage early adopters and emphasize the game’s interoperability with various blockchain networks to encourage network effects and positive word-of-mouth.

Our team has the expertise and experience to execute these strategies effectively, and we believe they will contribute to attracting a growing user base and achieving significant user statistics.

  1. Events and Giveaways:

We have devised a comprehensive plan to organize a diverse range of events and giveaways aimed at actively engaging the community and driving the promotion of Moonbeam. Our proposed initiatives encompass various activities such as in-game tournaments and Poker tournaments, which have been extensively validated for their popularity among the community. Additionally, we plan to implement airdrops and reward programs to incentivize user activity and foster loyalty over the course of the year, thereby encouraging active participation on the network and interaction with existing popular dApps.

Here is an overview of the types of events and giveaways we have planned:

Community Events:

  • Virtual Meetups: Organizing online gatherings where community members can connect, share insights, and engage in discussions related to Moonbeam and its ecosystem. These meetups will feature guest speakers, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities.
  • Webinars and Workshops: Conducting educational webinars and workshops to provide in-depth knowledge about Moonbeam’s technology, use cases, and best practices. These events will cater to both beginners and advanced users, covering various aspects of blockchain and DeFi.
  • AMAs (Ask Me Anything): Hosting interactive sessions where community members can ask questions directly to the TFA DAO team and other guests. This fosters transparency, builds trust, and strengthens the relationship between the project and the community.

Giveaways and Rewards:

  • Token Airdrops: Distributing a portion of the TFA DAO’s & GLMR tokens to community members as a gesture of appreciation and to encourage continued support for Moonbeam.
  • NFT Giveaways: Conducting periodic NFT giveaways where community members can win exclusive Moonbeam-themed NFTs, such as MoonPets v2 or other collectibles.
  • Merchandise Giveaways: Offering branded merchandise, such as T-shirts, stickers, and accessories, as rewards for active community participation, contests, or social media campaigns.
  • Extra Staking Rewards for the whole network: Implementing reward programs for users who stake their GLMR or MPET tokens, providing them with additional incentives for supporting the Moonbeam ecosystem.
  • Event-Based Giveaways: Running time-limited giveaways with major milestones, partnerships, or community achievements to celebrate and reward community members.

In addition to these planned events and rewards, we are excited to announce that we are aiming to launch a crypto course about the Moonbeam ecosystem. This course will cater to newcomers who are interested in learning about blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and the unique features of Moonbeam. Participants will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the ecosystem and its potential applications.

To incentivize engagement and completion of the course, we are planning to offer participants a few GLMR tokens as a reward upon fulfilling the course requirements. This incentive structure is similar to the “Learn & Earn” courses offered by platforms like Coinbase or CoinMarketCap, where participants earn tokens after completing educational modules.

The crypto course will provide comprehensive and accessible information about the Moonbeam ecosystem, including its technology, use cases, governance, and integration with other blockchain platforms. By offering this educational resource and incentivizing participation, we aim to attract newcomers to the Moonbeam community, foster their understanding of the ecosystem, and encourage their active involvement.

These events and giveaways are designed to not only engage the existing community, but also attract new users to the Moonbeam ecosystem. We believe that by fostering active participation, providing educational resources, and offering attractive rewards, we can create a vibrant and supportive community around Moonbeam.

Please note that while we are actively working on finalizing our plans, we understand the importance of providing specific details about the events and giveaways we have in store. We are committed to creating an engaging and vibrant ecosystem within the Moonbeam community.

However, we also recognize the value of community input in shaping our initiatives. As such, the information and timing of these events and giveaways will be determined based on valuable feedback from the community, project milestones, and the availability of resources. We believe that by maintaining an open dialogue with the community, we can ensure that our initiatives align with their preferences and address their needs effectively.

Rest assured, as we progress with our planning, we will share more details about these events in a timely manner. We aim to craft each event meticulously to align with our overarching objectives and resonate with our target audience. We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience that captivates and excites the Moonbeam community.

  1. Incentive Distribution:

The winners of the incentives will be determined based on their participation and performance in the events and challenges. We will use a transparent and fair mechanism to distribute the incentives, ensuring that all community members have an equal opportunity to win. As usual, we will leverage blockchain solutions to ensure fairness. We highly value these principles and have implemented a robust mechanism to ensure an equitable distribution of rewards.

Here is how we address these concerns:

Randomized Selection Process:

For giveaways and airdrops, we employ randomized selection processes to ensure fairness and prevent bias. We use transparent methods such as randomized number generators or smart contract mechanisms to determine the winners. This eliminates the possibility of favoritism and ensures equal opportunities for all participants.

Community Engagement Metrics:

In certain cases, we may determine winners based on specific community engagement metrics. For example, in social media campaigns or events where participants are required to share content or actively engage with the community, winners can be selected based on criteria such as the number of likes, retweets, or meaningful contributions. However, these metrics will be clearly defined and communicated to the community in advance to ensure transparency and understanding.

Staking and Participation Metrics:

In the case of staking rewards or ongoing engagement incentives, winners may be determined based on staking duration, participation levels, or other measurable factors. These metrics provide a fair and transparent basis for allocating rewards and prevent concentration of incentives among a few individuals.

Regular Evaluation and Auditing:

We conduct regular evaluations and audits to ensure that the selection process remains transparent and fair. We review the outcomes of each event or giveaway, assess the distribution of rewards, and analyze any anomalies or inconsistencies. This continuous monitoring allows us to identify and address any potential issues promptly.

Community Feedback and Governance:

We believe in the power of community involvement and governance. We actively encourage community members to provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas on our processes. Their input helps shape and refine our approach to ensure inclusivity, transparency, and fairness.

By implementing these measures, we aim to create an environment where all community members have an equal chance to participate, engage, and benefit from our events and giveaways. Transparency and fairness are core principles we uphold, and we are committed to maintaining the trust and support of our community.

  1. Preventing Sybil Attacks:

To maintain a fair and transparent environment for all participants, we have established robust measures to prevent individuals from creating multiple accounts. These measures include the implementation of cross-verification processes, such as social accounts verification on platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. For larger events and giveaways, we may also consider implementing KYC procedures to further enhance security.

We recognize the importance of mitigating the risk of sybil attacks and ensuring the integrity of our community events and giveaways. To achieve this, we will implement the following measures:

KYC Procedures:

For certain events or giveaways where eligibility criteria are in place, we may require participants to complete a KYC process. This involves verifying their identity and ensuring that each participant is a unique individual.

Social Media Account Verification:

When utilizing social media platforms for participation or entry into events or giveaways, we may request participants to link their social media accounts. This helps establish the authenticity of participants and discourages the creation of multiple fake accounts.

Community Reporting and Vigilance:

We rely on the vigilance and engagement of our community members to report any suspicious activities they observe. By encouraging open communication and fostering a sense of responsibility within the community and rewarding them for taking action, and acting against any potential sybil attacks promptly.

By combining these measures, we aim to prevent sybil attacks and maintain the integrity of our events and giveaways. Our commitment to transparency, fairness, and a positive community experience drives us to continuously refine and improve our processes.

  1. Security Audits:

We will conduct comprehensive security audits of our platform to ensure the integrity of the game and player assets with our partners involved. This will include audits of our smart contracts, backend infrastructure, and frontend applications. We will work with reputable security firms if necessary to conduct these audits and will take all necessary measures to address any vulnerabilities identified, security is always the first priority for TFA.

Here is more information about our security audit plans:

Comprehensive Security Audits:

We will engage a reputable third-party such a Halborn security audit firms specializing in smart contract and blockchain audits. These audits will cover critical aspects of our platform, including the game mechanics, smart contracts, backend infrastructure, and any other components related to user assets and interactions. The goal is to identify and address any vulnerabilities or weaknesses that could compromise the integrity of the game and player assets.

Smart Contract Audits:

Smart contracts play a crucial role in the functioning of our game. We will conduct thorough audits of our smart contracts to ensure their security, reliability, and adherence to best practices. This includes reviewing the codebase, assessing potential attack vectors, and implementing industry-standard security measures such as input validation, access controls, and protection against common exploits like reentrance attacks and integer overflows.

Penetration Testing:

In addition to formal security audits, we will conduct penetration testing to simulate potential attacks and identify any vulnerabilities in our platform. This process involves employing ethical hackers to attempt to exploit our system, helping us discover and remediate any security weaknesses before they can be exploited maliciously.

Continuous Monitoring and Updates:

Security is an ongoing process, and we will continuously monitor the evolving threat landscape to proactively address any emerging security risks. We will stay up to date with the latest security best practices, apply patches and updates promptly, and ensure the platform’s infrastructure and protocols remain robust and secure.

Secure Asset Storage and Management:

To safeguard assets, we will implement stringent security measures for asset storage and management. This includes employing secure multi-signature wallets, implementing access controls, and regularly auditing and monitoring the asset management processes; this solution has already been adopted for the TFA token LP.

User Education and Security Awareness:

We believe in empowering users with knowledge about security best practices. We will provide educational resources and guidelines to our community, emphasizing the importance of using strong passwords where needed, and practicing responsible behavior when interacting with the platform. By fostering security awareness among our users, we can collectively contribute to the integrity and protection of player assets.

By implementing these security measures, conducting comprehensive audits, and maintaining a proactive approach to security, we are committed to ensuring the integrity of the game and player assets. The trust and safety of our community are of utmost importance to us.

  1. Impact of Reduced Grant Amount:

If the grant amount we receive is less than the requested 1M, we are prepared to adjust our plans and strategies accordingly. While our proposed grant amount of 1M would greatly support and accelerate our initiatives, we understand that grant allocations can vary based on various factors and considerations. In such a scenario, we would prioritize key initiatives and optimize resource allocation to ensure the successful implementation of our project. This may involve scaling back certain aspects of our plans or extending our development timeline.

Here is how we would approach this situation:

Assessing Priorities:

We would evaluate our proposed initiatives and identify the ones that are of the highest priority and impact. This assessment would help us focus on the core elements of our strategy and allocate resources accordingly.

Streamlining Objectives:

With a reduced grant amount, we would streamline our objectives and refine our implementation plans to ensure maximum efficiency and impact. This may involve reevaluating the scope of certain initiatives, optimizing processes, and identifying areas where cost savings can be achieved without compromising the overall vision.

Strategic Resource Allocation:

We would carefully allocate the available resources to the most critical aspects of our project. This may involve reallocating funds, revisiting partnerships, exploring cost-saving measures, or seeking alternative funding sources to bridge any gaps.

Incremental Growth and Scaling:

While a smaller grant amount may necessitate a more incremental approach to growth and scaling, we would remain committed to the long-term vision of our project. We would seek to build a solid foundation and demonstrate the viability and success of our initiatives, with the aim of attracting further support and funding in the future.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

As a dynamic and adaptable organization, we are prepared to adjust our plans and strategies in response to changing circumstances. We would remain open to opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and funding that align with our objectives and allow us to further enhance the Moonbeam ecosystem.

Despite the potential impact of a reduced grant amount, our commitment to promoting the adoption of Moonbeam and fostering a thriving community remains unwavering. We believe in the power of innovation, collaboration, and adaptability to overcome challenges and achieve our goals.

Upon reflection, we would like to acknowledge that there was a miscalculation in our initial proposal when the grant amount was lower. We apologize for any confusion or miscommunication that may have arisen as a result. Our intention has always been to request the full amount of 1M, which is essential for the successful execution of our strategic initiatives and the realization of our project’s goals.

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility regarding this adjustment to our grant proposal. We assure you that the requested 1M grant is a realistic and justified investment in our project’s potential and the broader Moonbeam ecosystem. It is our firm belief that this grant amount will be instrumental in realizing our vision and maximizing the outcomes of our initiatives.

We remain committed to transparently reporting our progress, utilizing the allocated funds responsibly, and achieving the desired milestones outlined in our revised plan.

  1. Cost Breakdown:

The development of the game involves various costs, including design, development, testing, marketing, and management. We estimate that the development alone will require more than 3,000 hours of work.

To provide an approximately comprehensive breakdown, we have conducted a thorough analysis of the development process, considering various aspects such as design, programming, testing, deployment, and the average blockchain developer rate of $70.31 per hour.

Please find below the estimated costs and time allocation:

  1. Design Phase:

  2. Conceptualization and game mechanics: 80 hours

  3. Artwork and visual design: 114 hours

  4. Sound design and audio integration: 40 hours

  5. Development Phase:

  6. Front-end development: 880 hours

  7. Back-end development: 440 hours

  8. Smart contract development: 440 hours

  9. Testing and Quality Assurance:

  10. Test planning and execution: 240 hours

  11. Bug fixing and optimization: 240 hours

  12. Deployment and Release:

  13. Integration with Moonbeam blockchain: 80 hours

  14. Launch preparation and marketing activities: 160 hours

Please note that the above breakdown is an estimate and may be subject to adjustments as we progress through the development stages. It is crucial to maintain flexibility in our planning to accommodate unforeseen challenges and optimize the game development process.

In terms of costs, we have considered various factors such as team salaries, contractor fees, technology expenses, and other development-related expenditures. We have allocated the requested grant amount to cover these costs and ensure the successful delivery of the game within the proposed timeline.

We are committed to closely monitoring and managing the development process to ensure efficient resource utilization and adherence to the established timeline. Regular progress updates and transparent reporting will be provided to the grant committee to keep you informed of our achievements and any potential adjustments in the development plan.

  1. Elaboration of Mr. Madara’s quote:

Our team members have been recognized and acknowledged for their technical expertise and competence in various projects. Here are a few examples of these acknowledgments:

  1. Adam, Product Lead of Pirate Nation game, acknowledged our team members for conducting security audits on their stack. This acknowledgment can be found in the following tweet:

  2. Davy Jones, Founder of DamnedPirateSociety NFT, acknowledged our team members for conducting a security audit on their contracts. The acknowledgment can be found in this tweet:

  3. Mr. Tin, Founder of GLMRApes, rewarded our team members for reporting flaws (bounty) in their GLMRJungle minting process, which could have allowed attackers to easily mint rare NFTs. You can reach out to them for confirmation of our contributions.

These are just a few examples of our team’s involvement in security audits. We have also assisted other projects such as CanaryNetworkAgents and many more in conducting security audits and helping with other concerns. Additionally, we have actively contributed to the community by warning against participating in scam projects and conducting our own smart contract audits. These efforts have been consistently communicated through our community Telegram channel.

These acknowledgments and contributions highlight the technical proficiency and dedication of our team members in ensuring the security and integrity of blockchain projects. We are committed to upholding these standards and leveraging our expertise to contribute to the success of Moonbeam and the wider blockchain ecosystem.


For a moment I wondered what the true purpose of the Grants is. I think it is to ensure and expand the continuity of Moonbeam. This can be achieved in several ways and that is reflected in the various proposals.

Most proposals are often about the technical aspect of the blockchain and/or dApps and their development. That is of course a very important aspect. Because without applications you cannot grow. But, you can develop the best and most beautiful tech, but if you don’t have users for it, it won’t be used, no matter how beautifully developed it is. So for me it’s much more important to look at how we can expand and grow the Moonbeam community. How can we make users choose Moonbeam over all the other blockchains?

I am and have been active on several blockchains for several years. Looking at other blockchains, I see many differences in tech, defi, fees for transactions, etc. Each chain has its own spearhead to “lure” new users. But the most important thing for me is and remains the community. And in particular how new users are welcomed, how helpful / easy / accessible is a blockchain and its community for a newcomer.

And then I really have to say that TFA is one of the absolute top of all communities for me. In the beginning I came across them by accident when I was looking for a collator for my Take Flight GLMRs. And from that moment on I was welcomed so warmly. All questions were answered in such detail. I especially noticed the passion and unbridled energy of LordGLMR, but also several other team members. The passion and drive with which TFA approaches everything is overwhelming. And yes, then everything may not be immediately clear and mapped out in the beginning. But gradually I see that all questions are answered very fully, all obstacles are taken with verve. Yes, there is a lot of work being done by this team. Even in this long-running boring bear market. And that deserves my respect. I am therefore convinced that with this proposal, TFA can give a huge boost to approaching and bringing in new users and thereby realize a growth of users of Moonbeam.

So TFA will definitely have my full support. And I want to ask all readers to check with yourself what is important to you when it comes to community? What would you like to see in a community on a blockchain? What would you do to grow the community for Moonbeam? And when you have that clear to yourself, take another look at this proposal.

This text is translated bij Google Translate as English is not my native language. Thank you for your attention


TFA DAO has consistently made contributions despite the absence of funding. They are fully committed to the Moonbeam ecosystem. I have been associated with them since the inception of Moonpets, although I am not a member of the DAO. I believe that receiving funding would greatly enhance the level of engagement on Moonbeam.


Thank You for advocating for the change :slight_smile: :blush:


Thank you for your interest in our projects. We have ventured into gaming with Moonpets, with the first version selling out in just 9 minutes, demonstrating its appeal.

Currently, we’re developing Moonpets V2, featuring playable in-game characters. Our aim is to make the game fully on-chain, involving numerous smart contracts. Most of these contracts have been rigorously tested on a testnet for functionality and security, while some are still in development.

We’re leveraging Moonbeam’s blockchain capabilities for this project. As we progress, we continually strive to improve and reach higher standards, ensuring we deliver the best experience to our users. Stay tuned for more updates on Moonpets V2.


An intention of a project matters and that is why I choose TFA. They truly care about decentralization.

From the beginning of the launch of the Moonbeam ecosystem, TFA has been dedicated to not only growing their own ecosystem but also that of Moonbeam. TFA is also running a node on Moonbeam. The stakers of the node are given weekly awards for their loyalty and particpation. TFA truly cares about its community.

TFA is a DAO of 30 members with each member dedicated to the growth of the ecosystem. It is truly ‘decentralized’. After the successful launch of their Moonpets V1, the developing team is now ready to bring many new developments to the ecosystem. Many more NFT’s and games are in the pipeline. Keep an eye out.

If there is any project that is deserving of a Moonbeam grant, it has to be TFA.


TFA is one of the most active communities in Moonbeam ecosystem. And in my opinion: “Community is a utility”. So yes, I think you deserve the grant.


Whale here. I support this guy @Lordglmr . That’s it.


yes tfa had been giving, building, educating for moonbeam ecosystem long enough. well deserved


are you serious? by saying “ROI” and “just mint some NFTs” showing first you are not here long enough, then why should any nft project raise millions in Vcs, Secondly, you have not read the proposal thoroughly, its not just nfts, it had been listed one by one clearly. And your accusations are baseless and intensions are suspicious, if lordglmr wanted money he could just kept glmr reward from node and not distribute and hiring team on own pocket before. You are posting attack on individuals with prejudice but not discussing with truth and knowledge. We all want the best for the ecosystem, but please remain logical.


But where is the game today?