TFA DAO: Ecosystem Grant Proposal

@jose.crypto – this is an excellent observation! To my thinking, the community events are helpful and valuable, but the real unique key to this proposal is the game. If the game is good and attracts users, then the proposal will have been a good decision. But if the game doesn’t catch on, then we might regret this expenditure. The game could be a complete dud – or it could be really awesome! How will we know? Your idea to do the game first would let us get some feedback on the game.

You are asking the community to take the risk of giving you 0.1% of circulation, but you are not willing to take the “risk” of sharing the source code with a treasury council member and core developer because it “could compromise your development”.

That’s a plain fact, whatever your definition of trust is.

Note that making the repo public is a different thing, and making it open-source is also a different thing.

Hi, I hope you are doing well. I understand that trust can be an issue, so I have come up with a solution. Please let me know if it’s acceptable to you. We are happy to share what we have ready. However, we require a formal email request from an official foundation email, with guarantees of confidentiality and a clear purpose of use. If this is agreeable, we will proceed to send you the code. Thank you for your understanding.
Our email:


Hi, I hope you are doing well. We have previously answered this question, as we have received plenty of positive feedback from the community. We will allow the community to decide by voting whether we are eligible or not. As far as we understand, GLMR is the governance token used to make decisions. We are happy to accept any outcome resulting from the community’s vote.


Hi, I understand your point, and thank you for the suggestion. However, please understand that both our game initiative and giveaway events are designed to work synergistically to achieve the expected results. We have gained significant experience over the past two years, which has greatly increased our confidence in our potential for success. We sincerely hope to receive everyone’s support on this journey. Thank you very much for understanding.


Hi Daniel, I hope you are doing well. Yes, we understand this concern, if we don’t achieve the expected traction? To address this, we want to launch both the giveaway and the game in synergy to maximize the potential for success. Regarding the game, we have conducted thorough research in this category POP and have come to the conclusion that it has the potential to be a great game. It’s worth mentioning that our game NFTs will be free to mint for the community, so there won’t be any sales involved. Incentivizing users with rewards through our P2E (Play-to-Earn) and Play-to-Craft model can further enhance the success of the project.


Amazing the amount of hoops TFA is having to jump through!


Hi Moonshine, thank you for your kind words and support. We believe in the power of the community and community support. We will continue to do what we have always done, striving for improvement along the way.


Hey guys , I really want to stress the importance of getting users that have voices and that are part of communities of real users. TFA - has boots on the ground. They know several different communities. They can be a loud voice to real people (users of crypto ) that they are in other projects with. .

I think having an arm of the marketing go to the guys that are in the trenches is something that could be really helpful . Hard to build communities but these guys have already done that . I really hope you give them a chance . let them show us what they can do , they want. this and Im sure they will try with their hearts to make their ideas a success.



The proposal was essentially improvised after the Treasury Council suggested applying for the Community Committee Grant system. The proposal was then modified to fit the required amount. Additionally, a giveaway was conducted on their Telegram channel to demonstrate support, which resulted in over 80 comments+ . I find it difficult to understand the exclusivity of the dapp and believe that Lordglmr is someone who frequently makes swift changes, as we have witnessed in the past with their shift from being critical of SteallSwap to being critical of Beamswap, as well as public conflicts on Twitter with members of the ecosystem and attempts to entice the community with giveaways.

I do not support allocating 1M GLMR to another game. The game lacks preparation, including the absence of a beta version and a demo. The product will not be launched this year, making it an inefficient utilization of the Tranche 2 grant system.

Thank you for bringing this comment to our attention, @GAMA. We would like to address the concerns raised regarding our proposal:

Firstly, we would like to clarify that no official giveaways were announced in our announcement channel. The spontaneous support shown by members of the community through giveaways was beyond our control, and there are no clear rules prohibiting such actions. We acknowledge that community members may express their gratitude and support in various ways.

Secondly, it is important to note that Lordglmr represents TFA, but is not the only member of TFA. Our team consists of multiple individuals who contribute to the project’s development and decision-making process, as our decisions are made collectively.

Moreover, it is natural for opinions to evolve as we gain more information and observe the progress of other projects. While we may have initially had dissent regarding the Stella grant, witnessing its success prompted us to adjust our position accordingly. As participants in the governance activities, we are entitled to have our own opinions and make decisions based on the information available.

Thirdly, contrary to the statement made, regarding the deployment of the game, we assure you that, as stated in our proposal, we are committed to delivering the product within 6 months. We understand the importance of adhering to the timeline and are working diligently to ensure its completion within that timeframe. We encourage you to review our proposal for further details.

It is important to note that the proposal may have undergone changes from its original version. As a first-time endeavor, we made adjustments based on feedback and discussions, which are well explained in the previous comments. We encourage you to review those comments to gain a more profound understanding of the reasons behind the changes.

Finally, we would like to address the offensive nature of the comment. It goes against Moonbeam’s Code of Conduct, which includes guidelines against trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, personal attacks, and other inappropriate conduct. We strive to maintain a respectful and professional environment within the Moonbeam community, and we kindly request that discussions remain constructive and focused on providing valuable feedback.

We appreciate your understanding and the opportunity to address these concerns. Our commitment remains steadfast towards the growth and success of the Moonbeam ecosystem, and we welcome constructive dialogue to achieve our shared goals.


I used to be a delegator with TFA, but unfortunately, I missed out due to the minimum staking threshold. I am now observing this coordinated and blatant FUD by a few individuals here, which has compelled me to write. It seems that the Moonbeam ecosystem is filled with toxic projects and people driven by vested interests. It’s appalling to see how a treasury member conceals their own interest by repeatedly disguising their views behind the cloak of their designation. Additionally, it’s concerning that some collators, who have had no involvement or interaction for years, suddenly awaken and attempt to play deceptive games. It’s both amusing and disheartening.

I have been interested in Moonbeam and Polkadot because of the activities carried out by the individuals associated with TFA during these past months. I couldn’t simply stand by as these individuals continue to engage in such behavior. Moonbeam is suffering due to this tribalism, and the actions of these individuals at TFA are commendable. They have my full support.


Thanks to turritz for helping new folks sail this forum, i am happy to see such a vibrant governance narrative here. I support these pals at TFA, coming from the Astar eco i found everything i needed to understand about moonbeam from this group by these folks. i had heard about them from ramz and dracula those bigwits brainhead pals there, and i must say these guys are something to be cherished, community like these are nutrients for any chain and i have noticed their passion for months now. i also see few genuine question from few fellow here which are essential and healthy like the one by Jim, it brings more clarity and see it was well answered, it took me 10 minutes tough quite lenghty but giving the proposal it was essential. hey TFA folks, you have my suopport, i see few guys here who are unhappy and resentful about it. thats the beauty of governance. pretty sure you guys will do well with this passing. Good luck


the treasury council badge, it has nothing to do with grants, since has his own committee ( see jimmy badge), I am simply giving my comments as in any other proposal, I am a member of the community too, and read the information provided by the team, and ask in based of that


big hassle for only a quarter of million dollar


Hi friends I am using a translator to rewrite it as my previous comment was held (maybe because of forum rules) Please ignore any mistakes and or correct me if it is incorrect, I am from Moonbeam Swedish community and TFA is a kind of community which is very positive and united. Their guy LG, AG has helped me a lot with my questions in the first days and Mr.P has helped me to save my wallet from being drained by hacking attempts. we could not save the whole amount but part of it.
These guys are very genuine and I will vote for them.

Translated using bing.


Holà Amigos, hope I am not late. There are bugs to access log in pages of this forum hope the team will sòrt it out.

I am a Pirate nation fan and had my first touch with TFA in PN discord months ago.
Moonbeam is an unknown project outside Polkadot these guys convinced me to buy a bag and I am still holding it (staked on their node)

A lot of PN guys learned about Polkadot and Moonbeam in general through them, I being one of them.
I have attended their weekly calls to learn about more gaming projects being built on the chain especially when TFA folks told me about the Lunar gaming festival, I am a participant there played exr.

My bag is small but I will vote for these guys to enable a collaboration with PN. It will be big and these guys rock :muscle:


Hello from South america :heart: one more moonbeam user that wants to see the network succeed, just a small glmr bag that made stake with TFA for several months until being out of the mind bond and holder of a couple of moonpets attentive to put it to fight. I just want to add that I support the TFA guys with my vote and a hug for nachitoyesod who invited me to the rabbit hole to discover the moonbeam ecosystem.


We greatly appreciate your valuable feedback. Mr. P has made significant contributions, prioritizing the community in multiple ways. Thank you for recognizing his efforts.


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