TFA DAO: Ecosystem Grant Proposal

Thank you for providing the point by point response to each question, and I’m sure it helps to give the community a greater understanding the the TFA DAO grant proposal.


Hi, could you share your repo so we can check it out? It would bring a lot of weight to your grant application.

Thank you for your interest in our project. We appreciate your request to access our GitHub repository, but we have decided to keep it private at this stage for security reasons. We are still in the early stages of development, and we do not want to expose our code to the public until we are sure that it is secure.

However, we are happy to provide you with additional details about our project as needed.

Thank you for your understanding.


Sharing your code helps resolve security issues and exposes vulnerabilities (not the other way around). Can you please share it privately with @jose.crypto and @AlbertoV19


I agree with @stakebaby here - This normally don’t reflect well on the community. Open-source is a core pillar of decentralized technologies

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If we decide to do it, we will inform through our official accounts. We have already exposed many details that are supposed to be private because we understand the community needs more clarity. We also believe sharing the source code could compromise our development. As it is not guaranteed that we will get the grants, we cannot make this kind of decision at this time. In case we do receive the grant, we will work to find a solution. We appreciate your feedback, and we will take this option into consideration.
Could you also provide any projects that have made their code fully open source at development phase? This would help us understand their business plan and potentially adopt it where possible.


You are asking the community to trust you with o.1% of circulation, but you don’t trust your code to a Moonbeam treasury council member and a core developer?

I ask again since i think i dont receive an answer before :raised_hands:, why not leave out the community events part or just use the previous amount and participate in a community grant?

so you can get enough to start the work and if necessary later you can try an Ecosystem Grant?

and have a more controlled environment with respect to all required Milestones

Why are you refusing to use this option? which is the reason?

should be good start to request an ecosystem grant, with a beta/demo of the game itself, that anyone can try and really say if it’s fun or not

That is why I would say that the most appropriate thing would be a community grant.

I took part in the Take Flight event after getting involved with the MOVR Crowdloan on Kusama. After all of the Take Flight distribution had taken place I joined a few Telegram Groups and one of them LordGLMR’s TFA Group. I joined the Group and realized that the whole community was refreshingly open to every aspect of Moonbeam education. The community started to grow and we now have a Group of amazing GLMR knowledge and enthusiasm.
This Group had been a wealth of knowledge to me and I have made many new friends during my time in the TFA Group.

This is why Teams like TFA need the full support of this Ecosystem!


We appreciate your perspective on the matter, and we understand that trust is a vital aspect of any collaborative community. However, we want to clarify that our decision to not make our code fully open source during the development phase is not a reflection of our trust or lack thereof in specific individuals, including the Moonbeam treasury council members and core developers.

As a project, we believe in taking a strategic approach to code sharing and intellectual property protection. Our decision is based on careful considerations of various factors, including project dynamics, security concerns, and strategic goals. It is important to note that different projects have different approaches to code transparency, and it does not directly imply a lack of trust.

We value collaboration and transparency, and we are open to discussions to address any concerns or questions you may have. However, it is inappropriate to make assumptions about our trust in individuals or teams based solely on our approach to code sharing. Trust is built on a foundation of mutual respect, effective communication, and shared goals, as those values are also part of Moonbeam’s Code of Conduct.

We invite you to engage in constructive dialogue where we can further clarify our intentions, share our vision, and address any specific concerns you may have. We aim to foster a productive and inclusive community where diverse perspectives contribute to the success of the project.

Furthermore, as @mr.madara_666 already has asked in the message before, to gain a better understanding and explore potential synergies, we kindly request you to provide examples of projects that have made their code fully open source during the development phase. This would enable us to assess their business plans, learn from their strategies, and evaluate the feasibility of adopting certain elements into our own project. We value your insights and look forward to reviewing the projects you recommend.


@jose.crypto – this is an excellent observation! To my thinking, the community events are helpful and valuable, but the real unique key to this proposal is the game. If the game is good and attracts users, then the proposal will have been a good decision. But if the game doesn’t catch on, then we might regret this expenditure. The game could be a complete dud – or it could be really awesome! How will we know? Your idea to do the game first would let us get some feedback on the game.

You are asking the community to take the risk of giving you 0.1% of circulation, but you are not willing to take the “risk” of sharing the source code with a treasury council member and core developer because it “could compromise your development”.

That’s a plain fact, whatever your definition of trust is.

Note that making the repo public is a different thing, and making it open-source is also a different thing.

Hi, I hope you are doing well. I understand that trust can be an issue, so I have come up with a solution. Please let me know if it’s acceptable to you. We are happy to share what we have ready. However, we require a formal email request from an official foundation email, with guarantees of confidentiality and a clear purpose of use. If this is agreeable, we will proceed to send you the code. Thank you for your understanding.
Our email:


Hi, I hope you are doing well. We have previously answered this question, as we have received plenty of positive feedback from the community. We will allow the community to decide by voting whether we are eligible or not. As far as we understand, GLMR is the governance token used to make decisions. We are happy to accept any outcome resulting from the community’s vote.


Hi, I understand your point, and thank you for the suggestion. However, please understand that both our game initiative and giveaway events are designed to work synergistically to achieve the expected results. We have gained significant experience over the past two years, which has greatly increased our confidence in our potential for success. We sincerely hope to receive everyone’s support on this journey. Thank you very much for understanding.


Hi Daniel, I hope you are doing well. Yes, we understand this concern, if we don’t achieve the expected traction? To address this, we want to launch both the giveaway and the game in synergy to maximize the potential for success. Regarding the game, we have conducted thorough research in this category POP and have come to the conclusion that it has the potential to be a great game. It’s worth mentioning that our game NFTs will be free to mint for the community, so there won’t be any sales involved. Incentivizing users with rewards through our P2E (Play-to-Earn) and Play-to-Craft model can further enhance the success of the project.


Amazing the amount of hoops TFA is having to jump through!


Hi Moonshine, thank you for your kind words and support. We believe in the power of the community and community support. We will continue to do what we have always done, striving for improvement along the way.


Hey guys , I really want to stress the importance of getting users that have voices and that are part of communities of real users. TFA - has boots on the ground. They know several different communities. They can be a loud voice to real people (users of crypto ) that they are in other projects with. .

I think having an arm of the marketing go to the guys that are in the trenches is something that could be really helpful . Hard to build communities but these guys have already done that . I really hope you give them a chance . let them show us what they can do , they want. this and Im sure they will try with their hearts to make their ideas a success.