Solarbeam’s Moonriver Ecosystem Grant Draft Proposal

Solarbeam’s Moonriver Ecosystem Grant Draft Proposal

By Solarbeam Team

Main goal

The main objective of this proposal is to implement a CL AMM at Solarbeam, as proposed in this other topic here, as well as other initiatives that can add value to the ecosystem, consequently bringing new users and new opportunities.

Project description

Solarbeam is the leading DEX in the Moonriver ecosystem and has been present and collaborating with the ecosystem since its launch on Aug-30-2021. Solarbeam has since provided an AMM and Stableswap, in addition to a Launchpad (Eclipse).

Requested Grant Amount

The proposal asks for

  • 120,000 MOVR tokens for liquidity incentive for a period of 6 months

  • $116,000 for implementing a concentrated liquidity AMM DEX (Solarbeam CLAMM V3) and implementing a decentralized perpetual exchange (Solarbeam Perps)

Use of Grant

The 120,000 MOVR tokens will be used as liquidity mining incentives on Solarbeam CLAMM V3. Rewards are distributed linearly over six months.

The $116,000 for the development fund will be used for audits and team/infrastructure expenses.

Motivation for Grant Amount

As mentioned in Call for Input: Shaping Moonriver’s DeFi Strategy - Governance - Moonbeam Community Forum, the launch of the Axelar bridge is a good opportunity to promote new activities on the Moonriver network in order to recover users and also attract new users to the network.

A DEX with concentrated liquidity is still one of the primitives missing from the Moonriver network and would be very beneficial for those new users to have a place to either become liquidity providers or to have a better trading experience with low slippages on their trades.

Solarbeam has been running for 3 years without development grants, and will keep running, but having a development grant would help in hiring more engineers and consequently having faster and better deliverables.

Development Cost Breakdown

The estimated costs for one year are $116,000.

Costs will be split between Solarbeam and the Moonriver network.

All marketing-related costs will be the responsibility of Solarbeam.

Costs breakdown:

Description Cost
Front-end development and deployment (2) $25,000
Back-end development and deployment $25,000
Partner liquidity farming engine with lifetime support $40,000
Other infrastructure costs, one year $6,000
Audit via Peck Shield or similar $20,000
TOTAL $116,000

Solarbeam’s platform would consist of the following products:

  • StableSwap DEX
  • Eclipse Launchpad
  • Perp DEX
  • Native bridge UI (XCM, Axelar)
  • Swap for Gas

Solarbeam Overview

Solarbeam is one of the first protocols on Moonriver and is the leading DEX on Moonriver by TVL and users, with over 9,500 holders of Solarbeam native token $SOLAR.

  • All time high of $170m in TVL
  • Over $3.2b in total volume
  • Over ~700 liquidity pools
  • 1st project to launch on Eclipse had over $5,000,000 in contributions

Solarbeam integrates an AMM V2 and a StableSwap, Yield Farming and the first launchpad on Moonriver Eclipse, as well as significant improvements in the UX ecosystem by providing an interface to bridge using native XCM features and other bridges.

Solarbeam is also proud to be the first protocol to offer the Swap for Gas, allowing users to onboard in the ecosystem even without having MOVR to pay for gas.

Having a strong relationship with other top protocols on Moonriver such as Moonwell is also a beneficial factor for the ecosystem, since the synergy between lending protocols and DEXes are extremely important for DeFi as a whole.

Vision Of Success

Solarbeam’s vision is to increase the amount of liquidity on the Moonriver network, by providing a more efficient trading platform using the CL AMM protocols and increase the number of active users in the network by providing the best User Experience possible, using all features that powers Moonriver such as batch transactions.

Marketing Efforts

The entire marketing strategy would be put in place once the development grant is approved.

Steps to Implement

The approximate timeline to deploy the CL AMM on Solarbeam would coincide with the Axelar bridge launch and release of Moonriver Grants.

Solarbeam’s test deployment would be ready within one month of grant approval.

The first deliverable would feature CL AMM (V3) functionality of Solarbeam with the integration of the AMM V2 + Stableswap + CL AMM, Native Bridge UI, Eclipse Launchpad and Swap for Gas.

After that, the solution would undergo continuous upgrades with features including Voting Gauges and the Perps DEX.

The incentives and implementation should thus go live towards the end of the second quarter of 2024.


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Good day to all,

A daring proposal, I do like the direction your team are pushing in. But I do have one major concern.

The Perp Dex: I am guessing you intend to just fork another onchain perp dex. e.g. Beamex current perp dex on moonbeam.

The issue with this is, this model I don’t believe has proven demand in the Polkadot ecosystem. The Beamex platform is hardly used at all. Even perps volume of many of the parachain tokens on centralised exchanges is quite low. Which makes me think, are you just doing this because it looks good and might work ? Or is there a reason why you think this solution will gain traction.

Personally, I just do not believe there will be enough real users wanting to trade decentralised perps on Moonriver. I would be happy if you prove me wrong, this is just my opinion based on the transactions and volume I see everyday in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Aside from that.

I love this proposal. I will admit I scratched my head and wondered how you can build a frontend for 25K especially if this was to include a perps DEX too.

  • Stableswap is needed, better AMM liquidity would also go a long way on Moonriver.

  • Swap for gas is a feature users love so it’s great to see this included.

I would be 100% behind this proposal IF you either removed all the perps parts or provided your reasoning as to why you think this will actually gain enough traction to be sustainable after the incentives end.

All the best.

Kind regards,


Hi Solarbeam team,

I would be interested to hear how you intend to promote these new services to the ecosystem and beyond if you receive the grant and once it is completed. Unless I missed something (please correct me if I did), I only see this: “The entire marketing strategy would be put in place once the development grant is approved.” This doesn’t really breakdown what that strategy and related plans would be.

Also, it would be useful to know about any communications plan during the build so that the community remains informed of your progress.


Hey, I’m from Solarbeam team, thanks for your comments.

The Perp Dex is a fork of GMX, which had great success on Arbitrum. I believe Beamex is also a fork of GMX.

The idea of launching a Perp DEX on Moonriver is hearing the community we have on Solarbeam DEX, its a frequent request by the community to have features like Limit Orders & Margin Trading.

I personally believe that having more options / more protocols / more things to do onchain is a way to attract new users, also, since Moonriver is a general purpose chain, it’s almost natural to have some protocols as pillars / serving as a base infrastructure for other protocols to build on top of it (Like JonesDAO, Vaultk, HMX, Equilibria)

About the $:

We already have a small self-funded team working, so the grant will help us to accelerate the deployment of these features by hiring an additional workforce on a timely basis.

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Hey Jim, thanks for your comment.

We are already doing some educational content about the mentioned features in our Twitter and we are also planning to do some content in YouTube with the community.

I believe the fully strategy needs to be crafted together with MBF and other grant recipients to have the best results, that’s the reason we don’t have a full breakdown yet, but we have considered:

  • Airdrops
  • Points reward system
  • Media coverage
  • Social media engagement

If the grant is approved, we want to be fully transparent about the progress of the development, partnerships, metrics and use of funds.

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Thanks for your response, good luck in your venture.