Season 4 Community Grant Committee Election Results


The Community Grant Elections is now over and the following candidates are elected to the Grants Committee:

  • (BE) Rafael Yahlomi , 30.49%
  • (BE) Julio Perez Cabrera, 27.96%
  • (DE) Andrew Liffey, 5.86%
  • (EE) Jim Farley, 0.86%
  • (TE) Marin Enault, 11.17%
  • (TE) Lucas (Luuu) Moskau, 5.13%

The Foundation will reach out over the next few days to these individuals with next steps:

  • Completing KYC.
  • Signing the grant committee member agreement.
  • Training on the overall grant committee process.
  • Access to supporting resources.

Thanks to those who participated!


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