[Referendum: MR10]: Expediting RT-2302 to bring Dynamic Fees to Moonbeam Sooner to deal with recent storage bloat

As an update both Moonriver and Moonbeam have both been successfully upgraded to RT 2302 with all Smoke Tests passing.


(Blue: Accounts, Red: Smart Contracts)

This is the current state as of 2023-05-05


As we can see from the graph above from @Alan_PureStake, the dynamic fees have helped to curb the behavior and have reduced the rate of increase.

This may have bought some time but the fundamentals of the underlying storage issue remain - it has just been slowed somewhat.

Some sort of solution will be needed to make it unaffordable/undesirable to create many smart contracts under different addresses solely as a form of “proof of participation” (or “proof-of-spam” minting as some are calling it) with no effective sybil resistance in place.

To this end, a group of core developers are working on several proposals to mitigate this issue. Some of the ideas being explored include (but are not limited to):

  • Requiring an automatic deposit for transactions that add more storage
  • Requiring a deposit for deploying a smart contract
  • Making storage space “rentable” with a price that is proportional to the space and time used (with the ability to “renew”)
  • Making contract deployment use more gas

The solutions discussed so far have pros and cons associated with each of them and will be posted to the community forum for discussion. These proposals will require careful review by as many stakeholders as possible to ensure the best possible outcome. Ultimately, the implementation of one or more of these proposals can only happen if supported by the Moonbeam and Moonriver communities through governance.

Stay tuned for a Forum Post dedicated to this topic.


thanks for the explanation bud, fully agreed this is needed

I get it now that I look over everything I think it's a great idea... 

Can we just vote and kill XEN smart contract? :rofl: