[Proposal: XX] OnFinality Q2/Q3 2024 public RPC service support for Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Moonbase Alpha

Hi @daniel_onfinality,

Thank you for providing such detailed report!
We’re glad to see efforts in performance improvements being made and a 42k row 1-minute interval data sheet tab per region and network being provided! :clap:

Looking at the data from American regions we still see room for latency improvement, in particular with regards to the massive outliers.
It looks like the changes made caused the relatively constant 250ish ms average to go significantly below 100ms (which is what we absolutely love to see!) while introducing huge outliers way above 1,000 ms at the same time.
Also it looks like these changes were then reverted towards the end of last month.
Obviously that’s just one interpretation of the low complex data provided and nothing more, so feel free to correct us with some further insights, here.

We would love to hear more about the explicit changes made and how the outliers issue could possibly be tackled or even fully resolved.

Thanks again for your efforts and for generating such detailed reports, we really appreciate that! <3
Kind regards :sparkles:

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