[Proposal] OpenGov integration & parameter discussion

To update my previous comment, it looks like OpenGov will be introduced into Polkadot on the next Polkadot RT update:


Can’t wait to see OpenGov live on Moonbeam after the success on Kusama and Moonriver. Totally support this.


The same list of people are proposed as prospective Technical Committee members on Moonbeam and will be approved through a community vote.

Follow the link to cast your vote: https://moonbeam.polkassembly.network/referenda/0


I’m voting in favor. I agree with the following group of members as a technical committee because their technical knowledge and skills indicate their capability to make highly accurate decisions regarding important matters


Full support from my end :pray:

Thank you for your service, guys!


Hey Lyn,

what exactly is the difference between

openTechCommitteeCollective.members: Vec<AccountId20>


techCommitteeCollective.members: Vec<AccountId20>

Was just wondering as both are filled independently and with different members.

Hey Sik,
There is no difference - the Technical Committee in OpenGov is OpenGov Tech Committee; the title was chosen to make it clear.

I am not sure I understand the last part of your question though.
Both in Moonriver and Moonbeam the members are the same. Can you clarify and provide links if there are any?

these are two different pallets on chain .
but i guess openTechCommitteeCollective is openGov Tech Comm and techCommitteeCollective is gov1 Tech Comm