[Proposal: MR44] Enable the new feature to flag collators offline when not producing blocks

Over the past weeks we’ve seen a lot of volatility in the Moonriver collator set with multiple big entities leaving the field. And it’s not always been smoothly executed.
We have seen multiple nodes from one operator being just abandonned and still included in the active set while being offline for over a month which is unacceptable for the chain performance.

For that reason our latest and greatest Runtime upgrade included a new feature that was also mentioned in a forum discussion about the problems described above.

This referendum seekds to enable the markingOffline feature so afterwards everybody from the community will be able to execute an parachainStaking.notifyInactiveCollator extrinsic which temporarily removes the flagged offline collator from the set, after some automated tests to ensure it’s not a false-positive.

In case of open questions feel free to comment below or approach me in any way.



Thank you for compiling and submitting this proposal, sik

Link to the on-chain proposal:

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I also wanted to conduct a sentiment check whether to directly proceed with the feature activation on Moonbeam or not.

For me it would make sense because it needs a root-track referendum and currently there are non ongoing which would make it possible for the foundation to put the hefty DecisionDeposit in place.

The feature was for sure tested before rollout and before submitting the Moonriver proposal the great @AlbertoV19 tested it again in chopstixxxxx and it worked as expected.

Would love to hear some opinions on that - maybe also @aaron.mbf with the foundation’s view on it :pray:


just a small note: Tyrone submitted the new Proposal: 45, which was passed but not executed because the decision deposit was not placed

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My personal opinion is that unless there is a bunch of Collators inactive on Moonbeam I feel this feature should be tested first on Moonriver for 1 full runtime before moving to Moonbeam.

I’m not super inclined to this idea tho, so whatever the community of the MBF feels is best it is OK from my perspective.

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Hey @dev0_sik thanks for bringing up this proposal, I am in favor of it. We need a way to clean up the active set for dead nodes. This is a great addition moving towards decentralization. More control to the community.

I also agree with @AlbertoV19 comment. We should thoroughly test this on Moonriver before porting over to Moonbeam.