[Proposal: MR37] Initiate removal of the offline stakefish nodes

Dear community,

I was proposing this referendum to scheduleLeaveCandidates on behalf of stake.fish for their 4 Moonriver collator nodes.

stake.fish decided to end Moonriver collation and shut down their infrastructure on 29th of September 2023.
It was a rather ungrateful shutdown without declaring a leave-intention on chain.

The process to shutdown a collator would usually be four steps:

  1. set a timeline and publicly communicate the scheduled exit with the delegators
  2. trigger parachainStaking.scheduleLeaveCandidates
  3. trigger parachainStaking.executeLeaveCandidates after a waiting period
  4. shut down the infrastructure / nodes

In this case we stepped straight to 4) and even after direct pings to please exit gracefully the nodes are still in the active set.
For the Moonriver network this means decreased performance and longer block times and for their delegators it means missing out on rewards.

In this Forum post we discussed the general problems with not having offline-chilling or slashing in the parachainStaking pallet and came to a very good long-term solution. We’d still prefer to proactively act on this matter and normalize Moonriver’s performance as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Sik :rocket:


in support of this referendum

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agree, this is a no brainer

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Of course aye from my side

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Supported, thanks for putting up this proposal @dev0_sik. I think it will serve as a template for future node runners that don’t meet the required standards for performing such an important function.

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I agree with this. Since we established the Moonriver collator standards long ago, good to see we are cleaning up the inactive nodes in the set. Shows we are following the agreed upon standards.

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Link to the on-chain proposal:

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Seems absolutely reasonable. After RT2600, we should be able to use the “enableMarkingOffline” functionality rather than having to go through root track. Although it will take one root track to enable it. :smiley:


Then it’s even more important to have this removal executed ASAP as enabling the functionality by rootTrackRef after RT2601 passing is probbably more than 4 weeks away :saluting_face:

Some good news to share here: Stake Fish scheduled the leaveCandidates on their own :pray:
So this referendum is not needed to succeed anymore.