[Proposal: MR31] Proposal to Swap Lease Slots with Parachain ID 2284


Moonriver’s current lease period on the Kusama network will expire on or about December 25, 2023. In September, 2023, The Moonbeam Foundation successfully secured a new parachain slot for Moonriver on Kusama covering lease periods 33 through 40.

This proposal is a necessary step to extending Moonriver’s Kusama lease period through September, 2024 by executing a “swap” of lease periods.

If the swap is not completed before December 25, 2023, Moonriver will not occupy an active parachain slot and would stop producing blocks.


Passing this referendum will cause an XCM message to be sent to the Kusama relay chain calling the registrar.swap extrinsic. This extrinsic will authorize a swap of lease slots between Moonriver (Paracain with ID 2023) and Parachain with ID 2284 (the Parachain which currently occupies the lease slot won via auction in September 2023).

To complete the “swap” process, a similar swap authorization will need to be initiated from Parachain with ID 2284 via governance following the passage of this referendum.

Once the parachain is “swapped” to the new slot, the Moonriver Network will be able to continue operation without interruption for the remainder of the full lease period (approximately 28 weeks from October 3, 2023).

The result of this referendum was successfully tested using the Chopsticks framework including the verification of the pending swap on the Relay chain.



It’s amazing how fast time flies, I definitely vote in favor!

For sure so in favor for it!
Let’s get the last swap done :pray:

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obviously we cant let this lapse, send it

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kinda name sake proposal isnt it, wondering who will ever vote no for it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ofcourse in favour

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Link to the on-chain proposal:

This successfully executed. Next step will be to do the same from parachain 2284.