[Proposal: MB5/MR1] Dwellir - RPC Infrastructure Q3 Moonbeam

hi @jose.crypto , we appreciate the response.

We’re on track to process roughly 500 million requests in q4. I am sure once we are a partner this will only increase. So I would have to disagree with you that they’re unused. Some days we have huge spikes of up to 30 million requests, perhaps this is when other networks are struggling, hard to say.

The reason we have removed the endpoint for polkadot.js is that we were going to disable it given the lack of use, but we were advised to apply to the council. Though I understand your point.

Our strategy to attract clients in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems has been to provide free public endpoints that are highly available for communities and eventually turn them into paying customers. This has worked really well and we are processing billions of requests a month.

Is there any chance of this proposal surviving?

hey @benn_69 What do you mean with

once we are partners


So I would have to disagree with you that they’re unused

Yes, they are not completely unused, but from my point of view it is not used enough to benefit a large part of the community and therefore opt for a tip of the treasury.

Thank you for your proposal and for all the detailed answers.

At this point, I don’t think this proposal is something I could support (other council members are free to disagree of course).

Given the limited funds available in treasury coupled with the fact that there is currently more than enough RPC capacity available to the community, I don’t feel it makes sense to spend more treasury funds on additional RPC infrastructure.

As a community, we need to figure out how to migrate to a sustainable model for RPC infrastructure. I don’t believe that adding more infrastructure and cost furthers that goal.

For roughly similar costs, OnFinality for example handled 1.1B RPC requests in October. While additional RPC providers indeed improves decentralization, at this time, I do not feel the benefit will outweigh the cost since your strategy for attracting users would mainly consist of drawing traffic away from one of the other providers.

The fact of the matter is that in this market, the current cost model is not sustainable and we’re pursuing a strategy to reduce throttling thresholds to reduce costs and encourage established projects to move to paid tiers.

I would like to thank you and the Dwellir team for your support of Moonbeam and the broader Polkadot ecosystem. I hope that together we can figure out a more sustainable cost model for RPC infrastructure going forward.

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@aaron.mbf @jose.crypto thanks for the feedback.

For Q4 we will process roughly half of what OnFinality do at roughly a third of the price. We don’t rely on an AWS bill so our costs scale much more effectively.

Thanks for your feedback once again. You know where to find us.

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