[Proposal MB4/MR0] [Status: Awarded] Nova Wallet — M1 — ERC20 tokens integration and management

Hey, Anton.
I edited it, check if everything is OK?

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Hey hey @turrizt thank you! I think the table with Man-hours is broken…

Update: Everything is fixed! Appreciate it

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This proposal was awarded on November 12, 2022.


Update : The Novawallet team, already ship the erc20 token support

Well done Team!!

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Hey everyone! As @jose.crypto posted in this thread — we have successfully finished all planned deliverables for M1 grant! :tada:

Starting from v5.0 update on both Android & iOS, users can easily manage their ERC-20 tokens in Nova Wallet!

Feel free to download Nova and try it yourself:
:rocket: Android: Google Play
:apple: iOS: App Store

Also, we have covered the delivered feature set in our recent Nova Wallet Demo #28, feel free to check it out on YouTube by clicking on thumbnail below (timestamp included)!

From the Novasama Technologies side we would like to appreciate Moonbeam community for funding this proposal! We already received tons of feedback from Nova users that are super happy that they now are able to manage ERC-20 tokens!

Looking forward to what we can build together in the future. And please let me know if you have any questions — would be happy to address them.

Happy holidays! :christmas_tree:

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Hey @Anton.Day7.Khvorov - great work by the Nova team as usual! Our team recently tried out the new features and said it is working “fantastically”!