[Proposal: MB13/MR10] OnFinality High Performance Public Infrastructure (2023, Q2)

Abstract - Ongoing costs for the running of high performance, scalable, and reliable public infrastructure for the Moonbeam, Moonbase Alpha and Moonriver networks from 1st April 2023 until 30th June 2023 (3 months).

Motivation - Setting up blockchain infrastructure is difficult, time consuming, and expensive. A shared node API service helps mitigate these barriers of entry to trying accessing a new protocol by reducing all these costs to near zero. In summary, we try to reduce the pain of getting started on the Moonbeam Networks and minimise the costs of accessing secure nodes while traffic from your dApp is low.

Project Overview and Team Experience - OnFinality is a SaaS platform providing infrastructure services for the Polkadot/Substrate community. Our mission is to support all blockchain developers in the world by providing core infrastructure so they can focus on building the next dApp.

Overall Cost - We’ve created two proposals to cover the combined running costs for our infrastructure - one for Moonriver network and one for both Moonbeam and Moonbase Alpha Networks. The total outstanding costs for these networks are 3,081.3435 MOVR (USD$17,145.17) and 100,215.4235 GLMR (USD$25,543.41) respectively.

Use of Treasury Funds - All funds will be used to pay for resources and infrastructure used to provide the service during January, February, March (Q1) of 2023.

Specifications - We have a heavily modified multi-cloud and multi-region landscape that maximizes performance, reliability, scalability, and decentralisation. Additionally, we are proud to have delivered some key service enhancements that benefit the ecosystem in the last quarter.

  • Launched Trace API allowing unprecedented visibility for dApp builders. Trace API captures and records vital information otherwise not available through regular RPC methods and extrinsics (such as complete XCM transfer records and complete list of balance changes). These APIs are essential in order for developers like Polkaholic to parse and understand XCM transactions.
  • Geographical Insights - API key owners can view statistics about where in the world your community are to help influence decisions around where to expand infrastructure and to view the effectiveness of regional BD initiatives
  • Clarify our IP address handling - OnFinality does not, and will never, correlate or link specific wallet addresses to the IP address or request origin making the RPC request
  • Added support for a number of new networks, including Anmol, HydraDX, Equilibrium, as well as Osmosis, Evmos, Harmony, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fuse, DFK Chain, Celo, and Klaytn from outside the ecosystem. OnFinality is a new one stop shop for all of your RPC needs from multiple ecosystems.
  • A variety of improvements to our health metric collection tools and automated recovery scripts to ensure our 99.9% SLA is exceeded.
  • Scale improvements to our team, processes, and systems to allow us to provide this same service to any substrate team

Steps to Implement - This service has already been provided and we are proud to have achieved 100%, 99.59% and 100% uptime for Moonriver, Moonbeam and Moonbase Alpha respectively (https://status.onfinality.io/ ).

Full Proposals can be found here:

Once the community has reviewed and is happy to proceed we will lodge the proposal on chain.


Hey , how are you? Thank you for the proposal and services. Could you tell me what percentage of paid services you have for this quarter? I remember that for the q1, was 12.9 %

Hey @jose.crypto hope you’re well.

The paid percentage of requests did drop this quarter to 4.7% (311,098,186 / 6,557,519,605) which was predominantly due to one of our larger customer’s choosing to pivot to stronger focus on EVM Chains and moving to publicly accessible endpoints for the Polkadot network.

Now that our paid requests are spread more evenly across our customers we are not susceptible to another drop and expect to see the percentage of paid requests increase each quarter with some exciting announcements we have coming up.

It’s also worth mentioning that our API Revenue Share discount to Moonbeam/Moonriver has remained stable (Q1 $1491.05 in Q1 vs $1449.65 in Q2). This is likely because we have more users paying subscription fees therefore revenue remains fairly stable despite less paid requests overall.

I hope we have your continued support and I can proceed to lodging this proposal on-chain.

I understand, let’s hope that percentage continues to rise, thanks for your answer

In general, the proposal is consistent with past proposals, but you must wait until 3/5 Treasury Council, show their support before submitting the proposal on chain

I support it

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Supported from my end too

I’m also in support of this proposal.

@brittanyseales now you can put the proposal on chain, remember that the funds should be split on 80% GLMR and 20% MOVR, with the 30 last day price avg

Link to the Moonbeam on-chain proposal:

@brittanyseales are you planning to submit an on-chain proposal to Moonriver?

Link to the Moonriver on-chain proposal:

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I started the treasuryCouncilMotions for the two proposals and they are in the voting phase now.

Moonbeam vote:
proposal: 0xecf81f0073f52c2e2cf7f0924bd0eb47e860e08d0a188093f48ed61654297540
index: 11

Moonriver vote:
proposal: 0x64507dab347fed45fb3d7b9a6b33e341ccb54fd08e0898e6fc674f3f305deaf6
index: 10

Both motions have passed and will be funded in the next spend period (~ 5 days)

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Thank you for the update @mtca!

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Also you could check this new post: Q2/Q3 RPC Service Provider Treasury Proposals

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