[Proposal: 51] Update Units Per Second Data for Moonriver Assets


The “Units per second” value plays a crucial role in determining transaction fees for XCM transactions on Moonriver/Moonbeam. However, the existing data for this value for various assets is outdated and needs an update. This proposal aims to address this issue by proposing a referenda to refresh the units per second values for the current list of assets on Moonriver.


This referenda will update the units per second data for all assets on Moonriver, ensuring accurate transaction fee calculations.

The update will be based on the following details:

  • Data Source:
    • Primary: CoinGecko: Token price data will be primarily sourced from CoinGecko for accurate and reliable information. Price data was obtained on January 31, 2024.
    • Alternative: Third-party DEX (e.g., StellaSwap): If a specific token’s price data is unavailable on CoinGecko, alternative sources like decentralized exchanges will be utilized.
  • Execution Path: The preimage 0x125d327f501b302360cd9f2387b08198a1625572999486b367d984ba8ecf779d will be executed through the General Admin track.
  • Robustness: The proposal call was tested in Chopsticks to ensure it executed correctly.
    The actual call data is here:


  • Improved Transaction Fee Accuracy: Updated units per second data will lead to more accurate transaction fee calculations, preventing overpaying or underpaying for XCM transactions.
  • Enhanced Network Efficiency: Accurate fee estimations can encourage users to participate in the network, potentially increasing overall network utilization.
  • Data Relevance: Regularly updating asset data ensures its continued relevance and reflects market dynamics.

We encourage all Moonriver stakeholders to review this proposal and cast their votes to support this crucial update. By ensuring accurate asset data, we can contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly network for everyone.



I can confirm this proposal executes well in Chopsticks.

Thanks @wuzhong9829 for putting this together

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Link to the on-chain proposal:

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Thank you for putting this together Ser!

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I’ve started some unbonding and will put the DecisionDeposit for this referendum in 2days.
//edit: okay I got frontran :smiley:


thanks for proposing this @wuzhong9829 !

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This was executed correctly!

We will be posting a similar proposal for Moonbeam now