[Proposal: 37] Register GLMR in AssetHub

Moonbeam dApp

Abstract - This proposal is to register GLMR as a foreign asset in Polkadot AssetHub. It is the first step to be able to teleport GLMR in/out of Polkadot AssetHub, as some XCM filters for teleportation need to be added in the Moonbeam runtime.

Details - Polkadot AssetHub added the possibility of registering foreign assets via the ForeignAssets pallet.

The main purpose of this proposal is to register GLMR as a Foreign Asset in Polkadot AssetHub. Polkadot AssetHub might play a pivotal role as an infrastructure chain in Polkadot for assets, similar to Noble for the Cosmos Ecosystem. Consequently, users or service providers should be able to move GLMR in/out of Polkadot AssetHub as they please. One use case can be to provide GLMR liquidity to the future Polkadot AssetHub DEX.

This proposal would have to go through ROOT track because it sends an XCM message as the Moonbeam Sovereign account.

The proposal was tested via Chopsticks with Moonbeam runtime 2602 and Polkadot AssetHub runtime 1000000.

Encoded Call Data to Register GLMR in Polkadot AssetHub

Encoded Call Data to Set GLMR Metadata in Polkadot AssetHub

Encoded Call Data to Batch Both Actions into Two Separate XCM Messages

Screenshots of end result simulated via Chopsticks:

The main requirement is that Moonbeam Sovereign Account on Polkadot AssetHub must hold at least 12 Transferable DOTs.

Links - I’ll put a Link once the proposal is up


Aye of course, waiting to see the possibility behind this

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I’ve submitted the proposal and updates the post with the respective URLs


Aye of course.
Looking forward to this :+1:

100% support this proposal.

i am in favor of supporting this!

Great, Aye of course :fire:

A bit sad that this proposal failed for a lack of support :frowning:


@AlbertoV19 will this be re proposed? Seems like an obvious benefit to have GLMR supported on AssetHub.


Hey @Im_A_Warrior_Too @MAR1 yeah it is a bummer that it failed. Mostly due to the lack of support.

I’ll regroup with the MBF and get back to you. Maybe it is best to leave 1-2 windows to repropose. Each failed proposal means that the submission deposit (in this case 1,000 GLMR) is locked and unrecoverable.