Grants Program Season 4 - The New Grant Committee

GM everyone!

As the term of the Season 3 Community Grants Committee is drawing to a close, it is time to start the election process for Season 4, as promised in this Forum post in October 2023.

Season 4 of the Grants Program will continue with its own separate budget. However, compared to the previous season, there will be several updates to the program.

  1. Committee composition
  2. Voting rules

Committee composition

The composition of the Grants Committee will be as follows:

  • 6 Non-Foundation members
  • 3 Foundation members

The increase in the number of members is a result of a couple of driving factors:

  • Increased volume of grant applications and workload;
  • A need for a continuous and enhanced involvement of the community in the process;
  • Enhancing and deepening the skillset that’s on the committee to ensure applications are evaluated by the most qualified people.

An additional member from the Foundation is added to make sure we can continue to support the administrative workload, but the overall Committee composition continues to ensure that community members will outnumber the Foundation members (and in fact, increase the ratio).

Election process:

  • There are 6 positions that non-Foundation committee members can fill:
    • Technical expert (x2) : an individual with applicable skills in blockchain development, solidity programming, security auditing, tokenomics analysis, and understanding of decentralized protocols and consensus mechanisms.
    • DeFi Expert (x1): an individual with a deep understanding of decentralized finance protocols and mechanisms, including yield farming, liquidity provisioning, automated market makers, lending and borrowing and smart contract security. This individual should have hands-on experience with the evaluation of DeFi projects, value proposition, risk assessment, and an ability to predict broad DeFi market trends.
    • Ecosystem expert (x1): a member from either the collator community or someone actively building a dApp on the Moonbeam ecosystem and familiar with the dApps, bridges, dexes, lending protocols, games, NFT marketplaces in the Moonbeam ecosystem and capable of identifying gaps.
    • Business expert (x2): An individual with applicable skills in evaluating financial performance, market position, competitive advantage, project team composition, and growth potential.
  • Anyone interested in participating should create a “Grant Committee Candidacy” post on the Grant Proposals forum, by March 8, 03:00 PM UTC. This includes the 6 existing non-Foundation members.
  • The post should use the following format:
    • Name: Name of applicant
    • Timezone: Timezone applicant resides in normally
    • English Language proficiency: English language proficiency (based on the IRL scale)
    • Committee Position: The position they’re applying for
    • Qualifications: Qualifications and experience applicable for the position they’re applying to
    • Background: Moonbeam background and track record
    • Code of Conduct: Applicants should affirm that they are in good standing in the community and will commit to upholding the code of conduct.
    • Experience: Practical examples of being able to remain an impartial arbitrator
    • Motivation: Motivation for applying
    • Conflicts of interest: Disclose any potential conflicts of interests they may have that could impact them evaluating certain types of proposals
    • Availability: How much time you can commit to the committee (anyone unable to commit a minimum of 10 hours will be automatically disqualified) and whether you have any general restrictions that would get in the way of attending regular meetings.
    • Supporting information: Any other supporting information
  • Eligible applicants need to match the following three criteria:
    • Minimum IRL 3 proficiency in English
    • Trust level 1 on the Moonbeam forums
    • Capable of spending the minimum of 10 hours per week
  • The community will have 1 week to provide feedback on the candidacy posts and ask additional questions of the applicants (March 15, 03:00 PM UTC).
  • A weighted snapshot vote will be organized starting March 18 at 05:00 PM UTC and ending on March 25 at 05:00PM UTC.
  • The vote will include any eligible candidate that applied for any of the 6 positions.
  • The candidate that receives the highest weighted vote for each position will be inaugurated into the Committee.
  • The start of the Season 4 Grants Program is 1 April, 2024.


Committee Members will serve until a new election is held. A new election will be held no later than September 31st, 2024.


Non-Foundation Community Grants Committee Members will be compensated $2,500.00 monthly for services provided to the committee.


Great to see how our beloved Moonbeam keeps growing and building leveraging on the most valuable resource: Community.

Looking forward to see all the Candidates!!!


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Hello everyone! After listening to our community, we decided to accept applicants with a Trust Level of 1 on the Moonbeam Forums. The reason for the change is that we do have engaged members within our community that might not have reached a Trust Level 2 – and they shouldn’t be disqualified for that.


Moonbeam Community Grants Committee Election Season 4 is Now Open for Voting :ballot_box:

:spiral_calendar: Voting Period:

March 18, 2024, 17:00 UTC to March 25, 2024, 17:00 UTC

:point_down: Vote through the snapshot link at :point_down:


Moonbeam Community Announcement: Upholding Integrity in the Grant Committee Elections

Dear Moonbeam Community,

As we have approached the end of the elections for Moonbeam’s Season 4 Grant Committee, it’s crucial to ensure that our process upholds the highest standards of integrity and fairness. Unfortunately, recent discussions in the Moonbeam unofficial Telegram chat have taken a concerning turn, with some candidates engaged in defamatory tactics against their peers.

Specifically, Rafael Yahlomi from Legendnodes, Marin Enault from GLMR Apes, and Jim Farley from CertHum have been implicated in spreading unsubstantiated claims about AG, a fellow candidate. These actions not only violate Moonbeam’s Code of Conduct but also undermine the credibility of the election process.

The alleged association between AG and LG has been misconstrued by certain candidates, who mistakenly equate LG with the entire TFA DAO. This is despite the fact that LG no longer holds the position of leader of the group, but rather holds the position of member, as explicitly stated within the TFA group. This misunderstanding has led to unwarranted accusations and personal attacks. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that AG’s position as an admin in the TFA group does not imply his support for each and every point of view held by its members. AG himself clarified this multiple times, yet certain individuals continue to ignore his explanation and continue the defamation. They even went as far as to join the TFA group solely to provoke and obtain a certain response, in order to perpetuate the defamation within the Moonbeam unofficial Group.

Moreover, the dissemination of these defamatory remarks within the unofficial Moonbeam group raises concerns about transparency and fairness. Every candidate deserves the opportunity to address accusations directly, and spreading misinformation undermines the principles of due process and impartiality.

In contrast, candidates like Julio Perez Cabrera have exemplified the spirit of respectful discourse, refraining from personal attacks and emphasizing community-driven evaluation. This aligns with Moonbeam’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and mutual respect within our ecosystem.

As members of the Moonbeam community, it’s incumbent upon us to uphold the values outlined in our Code of Conduct. This is also the sentiment expressed by various members of the Moonbeam unofficial Telegram group. And defamation has no place in our discourse, and candidates must be held accountable for their actions, as applicants pledged on their application that they will commit to upholding the Code of Conduct, which they clearly did not. The Moonbeam unofficial Telegram group allows anyone to read it on their own. However, in the event that the conversations are deleted, I can provide the evidence of defamatory tactics employed by the aforementioned individuals here.

Let’s work together to ensure that the upcoming elections reflect the best of our community, where integrity, transparency, and mutual respect prevail.

Thank you for your attention, and let’s continue building a stronger Moonbeam together.

(This message was created to raise aw3ren355, as it is evident that there will be no accountability measures taken against influential people of the ecosystem. There may be individuals who will express their disagreement with these assertions or feel offended by mentioning LG or sharing screenshots, despite the fact that it is not related to AG. But let’s see.)

There is so much to reply to here in the form of facts against certain unsubstantiated allegations that it will take a few days to respond.

Before that, there may be some unstated reason to be anonymous, but in light of your serious accusations without any supporting community members, sharing your identity (publicly, like the people you accuse) or with someone that has the best interest of Moonbeam at heart would be welcome.

Otherwise your post doesn’t deserve any consideration to me.