Envelop DAO: Programable assets

  • Title - [Envelop DAO]: Ecosystem Grant Draft Proposal
  • Author - Alexander Shedogubov Envelop DAO Genesis Member
  • TLDR - Delivering to Moonbeam ecosystem Programmable Digital assets i.e. NFT2.0 to enrich functionality and use cases . Cross-chain bridgeless tool-set composed of protocol, oracle and index; applicable in all NFT spheres from Gaming to DeFi.
    • Primary Goal- Draft Proposals will need to indicate one of the two overall goals for the use of their grant:
      • (i) Maintain and Grow Activity (active users, transactions, TVL) OR
      • (ii) Building Connected Contracts Use Cases (using XCM and other message passing protocols)
    • Project Description - Cross-chain bridgeless tool-set aimed to create programmable digital assets; composed of protocol, oracle and index; applicable in all NFT spheres from Gaming to DeFi.
    • Requested GLMR Grant Amount - [200000]
    • Use of Grant - Providing functionality of Envelop Protocol and Envelop dAPPs in Moonbeam to deliver programmable assets to the ecosystem https://appv1.envelop.is/
    • Motivation for Grant Amount- Users now see that NFT is for utility, not JPEGs. Plus collapses of centralized crypto giants showed the importance of tools to adjust rules of behavior for your assets. So here is the time for programmable digital assets to take the scene.
      We see fast development of DeFi and GameFi, rental and ticketing platforms, but still no giants in the game , so we have a room for our solutions to take market positions.
    • Updates - TLDR should be updated with any revisions made to the initial Draft Proposal
  • Project Overview and Relevant KPIs - Envelop is an infrastructural cross-chain tool-set aimed to build and manage programmable digital assets in the form of NFTs. The solution is able to enrich any NFT with new functionality (economic set-up , on-chain multi-royalties, rental mechanism, time/value/event-locks, protection of devaluation) without changing its essence.
    The product is composed of 3 main parts: protocol, oracle and index, that ensures flexibility and let it be used in GameFi, Art, Financial, Liquidity (decentralized cross-chain interactions), fundraising (via ILAO mechanic). We offer new ways to own NFT (non-pledge rental, rental) and distribute value: royalties, prize funds, and any other payments.
    Protocol deployed on ETH, BNB, Polygon, Near, Aurora, Zilliqa, Avalanche, WAX, Gate Chain, OKX chain, Harmony, SWARM.
    Number of wNFT is more then 6000 items.

Figured out 6 products based on Envelop DAO protocol nad Oracle.

12 implementations done.

5 grants received: Polygon, NEAR, Harmony, SWARM, Rarible.

Created wNFT technology with built in models of value accumulation and distribution.

  • Team Experience -

Alexander Shedogubov


Short bio

Have more than 15 years of expertise in the information technology and operations industries, working in the blockchain space since 2017 with the start-up PAX+ (IoT- Blockchain project for Logistics Market).

From November 2020 till now - co-Founder and CEO of DAO ENVELOP. In charge of the DAO’s product development and budgetary processes. Assuring that Envelop operates on a business-first approach and that it produces adaptable, inventive, long-lasting, and, most importantly, useful solutions to market problems is a top priority.

Aleksandr Kuzin (BDO)

Role: development of the product

Exp: entrepreneur, business development of IT products and partner networks for 11 years (EVEN (founder), Agora, AcquiroPay)

Other: 37 y.o., 13 years years in strategic development, 5 years in Web3.0

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexander-kuzin

Maksim Sesykh (CTO)

Role: technology management and development

Exp: entrepreneur, blockchain and smart-contract development software engineer in Blockchain and FinTech (IberGroup (founder))

Other: 43 y.o., 6 years of experience in Web3.0 software development 20+ years

LinkeIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/max-sizz-2688ba7a/

Menaskop (CA)

Role: system architecture, legal and tokenomic consulting, information support.

Exp: entrepreneur, Web3.0 explorer and analytic, investor in Ethereum ICO, crypto evangelist, writer, FinTech (Synergis (founder))

Other: 36 y.o., 15 years of experience in IT-legal, 9 years in Web3.0

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/menaskop

  • Timeline and Milestones for Use of Grant - 1. deploy Envelop protocol to Testnet - 2 months. 2. Deploy Envelop protocol to Mainnet - 2 months.
  • Vision Of Success - we see success in in implementation with projects on Moonbeam, in terms of the year after grant executions we will count success to have 20 integrations. Projects could be DeFi, GameFi, Marketplaces, Launchpad, Asset Management. Project is funded fro next 2,5 years - so guaranteed to support the implementation with updates during this period
  • Rationale - new tools will attract creators and projects laking for new NFT-mechanics. Bridgeless cross-chain tool will help to attract more liquidity to Moonbeam
  • Steps to Implement - t
Product Owner (19 weeks, 380 hours total) 11,400$
CTO (19 weeks, 380 hours total) 19,000$
Blockchain developer (19 weeks, 380 hours total) 15,200$
QA (19 weeks, 380 hours total) 9,500$
Backend Developer (19 weeks, 380 hours total) 13,300$

The proposal must also be in line with the grant guidelines and will be reviewed by the Community Grants Committee from a business, technical, and administrative perspective. The Community Grants Committee may request additional information. Lack of response or cooperation during this process may result in the Draft Proposal failing to proceed through the process and be included in the snapshot vote.

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hey sir, this post is really only necessary for ecosystem Grants (those over $250k)

so the correct way to continue with this is by applying a grant via form since you are requesting around 50k $

You can read more about the process here:

so I recommend closing this post since it is not valid for the ecosystem grant

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hey alexander, as Jose correctly pointed out, Ecosystem Grants typically exceed $250k. In your case, you are not eligible for an Ecosystem Grant, and you should consider applying for Community Committee Grants instead. Community Committee grants cover amounts up to $250k and are approved by the Community Grants Committee.

furthermore, it appears that your proposal was submitted after the deadline. the deadline was set for 23:59 UTC, but your proposal was submitted at 00:24 UTC.

The screenshot displays the time in EEST. therefore, if we convert 3:24 AM EEST to UTC, the corresponding time would be 00:24 UTC.

Hello Envelop DAO team,

Thank you for applying for the Moonbeam Grants Program. As previous mentioned by @jose.crypto and @turrizt, your proposal does not comply with Grants Tranche 2 requirements:

  • this proposal was submitted after the deadline
  • The amount requested is under the minimum threshold of $250,000.

Please refer to this post and its comment section for further details.

A quick reminder that all teams that seek under $250k grants, they can apply through the community committee grants.

This proposal is now closed.