Delegation Report - GodsHunter

Delegate Name: Vladimir aka GodsHunter
Delegate ID: Moonriver and Moonbeam
**Delegation Address:**0x2A8960b549F1fC9b5dCC247F2bBDB9A0bB2D638C

My name is Vladimir, 35 years old. I have been a Moonbeam ambassador since 2021. My main work was focused on helping the community and creating some educational content. Moderator - Moonbeam/River Unofficial (Official) and Moonbeam RU telegram groups.
Validator, and menthor in Validator school
One of the early testers - community delegate programm.

As senior ambassodor now I more focused to represent Moonbeam in Indonesia at the local official Polkadot Hub and at various events that take place here.
Telling people about our amazing blockchain and looking for new projects for our ecosystem. Has already acted as a panel speaker from Moonbeam network on Soulbond event and in Aurora ru community.

Here in Indonesia with a team of enthusiasts, we are now developing a program of education in the crypto area. We want to provide a free educational opportunity for the local people. I also hope that next year we will be able to launch the Moonbeam academy offline/online program based on Bali Blockchain Center(BBC) and official Polkadot Hub. I work on academy idea with Polkadot ambassadors - Six and Gabo. You can find more information about BBC in our small video or in AMA on Moonbeam Binance Live channel which we organized with Yuki (Moonbeam Chinese community manager).

I find governance to be a very interesting and responsible job. And most importantly, it is an opportunity to influence the decisions made on the network. I would be proud to become your community delegate and represent the interests of both the community and the ecosystem.

I believe that the idea of a community delegate will help us make our network more decentralized. What is extremely important and what Purestake and the Moonbeam foundation are actively striving for. And I am also sure that a similar solution will be used in other networks. Community delegates are exactly the people who should take an active part in the governance. And if you do not have enough time to understand the various proposals, just choose for yourself the community delegate you trust the most.

You always can find and connect with me in:
-Discord - godshunter_


Voting activity:

  • Network: Moonriver
  • Referendum ID: #28
  • Proposal title: Runtime 2500 Upgrade
  • Your vote: Aye
  • Reason for your vote: The update brings with it various technical fixes and improvements for the ecosystem.
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Voting activity:

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  • Network: Moonbeam
  • Referendum ID: #17
  • Proposal title: Moonbeam Runtime 2500 Upgrade
  • Your vote: Nay
  • **Reason for your vote:Nay due to an issue detected in runtime 2500 that impacts both the Moonriver and Moonbeam networks. To address this issue, runtime 2501 has been created and is prepared for dispatch via the Whitelist track